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You can buy plant lights to fit a desk lamp at hardware stores, pet stores (this is the most expensive) and in hydroponic plant stores.
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Im thinking your using a regular non fluorescent bulb. It will work for the meantime, unless you have it directly over your tank. Those type of bulbs get hot and not to mention will heat up your aquarium more then what you set the temperature at.

Getting a CFL in the 5000k to 10000k will be more than good enough for your lighting needs. They are usually marked daylight bulbs but double check the Kelvin rating.

Even when you change your bulb you will notice a little difference in growth mainly the sword plant. But you fern and moss ball are going to grow slow unless you co2 and high light it.

It took my anubias about a month to sprout out a new leaf. Way longer than I expected, but with that said just give it time since most of the plant species on your list are slow growing.

Your sword can benefit from a rich substrate and roots tabs, it will still grow without it.
I would fertilize though just so it can have more nutrients from the frets.

If you want to notice a lot of growth get a lot of stem plants. Maybe hornwort or anacharis since those are the fastest growing imo without the need for higher lights and certs.
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My plant plans were ruined when I got to petsmart and they didn't have ANY moneywort, hornwort... They didn't have anything on the website except for the Anubias! Everything else wasn't on the website. And by rocks I mean gravel.
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