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Old 06-02-2013, 02:27 AM   #1 
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Possible male needing sex education? :)

OKay so, I bought this "dalmation" looking HM dragon. He is extremely social and a very mellow fish. Definitely old enough to breed (7 months now) and he sure does know how to wrap but...he is not bubble nest educated I guess. He wraps under the cup, or the sponge wrap (I think I have tried it all..including the almond leave), they spawn and then, the eggs all lie at the bottom on the tank. I've tried everything--all my others spawn well in my 2.5 gallon, with IAL extract, one plant for hiding and never had an issue--he's driving me NUTS! lol

Ever have a male that, just didn't quite "get it"? I condition, I introduce, temp is perfect, no disturbance...UGH! He has it easier than I ever did, birthing my 5! :)

I will keep him and, he may retire soon but, let's just say, I have hit him up with every female, loaded with eggs and, he gets the wrapping part but that is it!

Click image for larger version

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Is it possible to throw a different male in the tank and have it make a nest for him? Not sure if bettas will use another male's nest, but... I've never bred before, so I have no idea XD

Gorgeous boy btw!
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Old 06-02-2013, 10:12 AM   #3 
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He is what I call a bad father. He would spawn but want nothing to do with egg/fry care. Often the female is the one who picks up the eggs. After the female is removed, consequently the eggs will fall - the male is suppose to constantly pick up falling eggs (regardless of nest or not, eggs will float).

If you want his genetics, I'd suggest artificial hatching.
1. move all eggs to a clean bowl with new clean water and let it hatch in a couple of days. Remove the bad eggs

2. Breed in very shallow water (newly cleaned tank with new water - just enough for both to swim) remove both male and female after spawning and hope they hatch. 2 days after they hatch slowly add aged water and desired plants.
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Maybe spawn another pair at the same time, and then take an eyedropper and give the eggs to the other male? <shrug>

I've heard some folks talk about artificial hatching - that may be your best bet.
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Old 06-02-2013, 09:16 PM   #5 
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Foster parent method can also work and is often used by many breeders. The problem is that you need 2 pairs to spawn at a relatively same time. This is not an option for some people.
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