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Dragonscale rant...

So my beloved fish Princess George (see avatar) was purchased at Petco months ago. He didn't appear to be and wasn't sold as a dragonscale. He had the prettiest purple and pink color with a little bit of hot pink/red highlights with the cutest white lips. I've been in love with him since we brought him home, my little princess. He wiggles and shakes and grumps and charges the glass to say hello when I talk to him. Randomly I'll feel someone staring at me while I sit here and it's him sitting on his leaf looking, when I look at him, he promptly turns his back on me, LOL.

About a month ago, I noticed that His eyes seemed to be looking a little weird and when he looks at me, he tilts his head up, almost like his nose is in the air and cocks his head to one side with the little better eye. It seems that the scales on his head have started going through a growth spurt and are covering his head with a very heavy thickness of scales... and starting to grow over his eyes, especially his left one. As the month has gone by, he is the happiest grumpy fish we have but it is breaking my heart watching his left eye and right eye to a lesser extent slowly disappear. I've been doing research on taking care of a blind fish, unless it slows down or stops - best case scenario in 3 months his eyes will be gone. I've even thought about trying to snip or pull the scales away from his eyes but I'd be .. no words.. if i accidentally hurt him in the process and with how shaky my hands are from my RSD disorder, I don't think I could do it. It's even worse knowing that He isn't really blind, his eyes are just covered up!

For now I'm preparing to take care of him in a bare bottom 1 gallon that we have after his sight goes. I've read a lot of articles on blind fish so hopefully He will still be just as happy. He's had a tank mate pretty much since we got him and I hope the change from losing the activity of seeing his best friend, (they don't flare much) and being able to see the world around him won't depress him to badly.

So far in having bettas - this is the worst, slowest, hardest thing I've had to watch and poor Princess George. I really hope it stops before his sight goes completely but I know I will never, ever knowingly own another dragon scale betta. He wasn't supposed to be a dragonscale!

Why does it always seem to happen to the favorite fish?
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I feel that the emphasis on breeding for showy fish (just like breeding for showy dogs or cats) leads inevitably to fish with serious problems.

Sadly, dragonscale is a lovely pattern but seems to lead to blindness over time. I wish they wouldn't advertise and breed dragon scales knowing this problem will occur.

You are a devoted fish parent!
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Thank you. I don't think i could love George more if he was my child. It's truely heartbreaking to watch this happening to him. :(
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