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Weird Behavior?

I brought a male betta yesterday, from what I have seen so far I think it is a veil tail? I got him from petsense which is maybe a five min drive from my house. Once I got him home I set up his tank (1 gal until this weekend when I get a bigger one) I used spring water and let it set in my room for at least an hour so that it would be closer to the temperature of his water in the cup, then I put him in his new tank. Im not sure of the temp because I don't have a thermometer yet but I will get one this weekend.. In his tank I have a few shells that I rinsed off and placed in there. He always seems to try to hide behind that shell I haven't really seen him move much, unless I walk in my room and notice him swimming to hide back behind the shell. And when I go to feed him he doesn't gulp them up like all of my other ones did he just lets them float, but I notice in the morning that they are not there anymore and there is none on the bottom. It is the pellet king. Is this normal behavior for them when they first get their new home? He looks healthy to me but just seems shy I guess..
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Well I'd recommend you not feed him in the first two days until his condition gets stable. But some bettas don't like to eat when they just get to a new home so no worries about that as long as there's no obvious abnormality in his shape or behaviors. And about the water temperature you can always use your finget to test it. It will not be too accurate but bettas can tolerate a +-1 celsius temperature difference and your finger will be capable enough for that. Also it's better if you add new water 1 celsius warmer than colder. So so far nothing too serious to worry about :)
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Yes, this is really common. They hide a lot and sometimes won't eat when you first bring them home. Sometimes it seems like they go through like a depression and sit in one spot mostly for a few days not eating. As long as it doesn't have any clamped fins or signs of illness he should be okay. After they get used to their new homes they usually start being friendly and eating like a pig.

Just wanted to add that shells are not good to put in a betta tank because they will raise the pH of your water. Bettas don't need a high pH water. What I do is arrange the shells around the outside of the tank and make a pretty little display. Maybe try some live plants to make the aquarium look pretty?

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It can take up to a few weeks for them to adjust to their new surroundings. If you haven't got one already, please get a heater, Bettas are tropical fish and need a minimum of 76 degrees to about 82. Even if you've never had a heater for your fish in the past and they've done "fine", trust me, they'll do better and live longer in water suited to their needs.
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