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Exclamation Emergency! Please help!

My fish Arnold, has really REALLY bad fin rot and today he has been swiming for 2 seconds and then lying on the floor of his tank, and he does this over and over again! please i love Arnold I need some help
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This is straight from a helpful website:

If the cause of the fin rot is related to tank conditions, or even if you're not sure (since poor water conditions are the leading cause of fin rot), correct the water conditions first, as well as checking tank conditions. Remove the fish to a bowl of tank water while cleaning the water in the aquarium or usual bowl. #*Check the pH level. Gradually correct this if necessary.

Clean the gravel well and suck up all detritus.

If you do not already use it, establish moderate use of aquarium salt. (Consulting your LFS [Local Fish Store] is a good idea before many of these steps if you are unsure.)

Change the water and clean the bowl or aquarium.

You might consider treating the tank or bowl with a proprietary bactericide such as Myxazin, Melafix or gentian violet. If so, be sure to follow the instructions accompanying the product. Warning: Try not to treat your Betta with Melafix or Pimafix as these can lead to suffocation, the medicine will eventually coat their labyrinth organ which prevents breathing.

Keep fin rot at bay. Once you've treated the fish for fin rot, it's important to keep it at bay for the future. Ensure that the aquarium is properly set up and that the water is kept clean. Check that the filter is running properly and clean the pump and filter regularly.

Maintain a stable water temperature and good water quality.

Feed your fish a nutritious diet in the correct amounts (overfeeding is one of the biggest causes of poor water quality) for the fish species.

Avoid overcrowding or adding aggressors to the tank.

Keep a regular watch on any signs of fin rot. The earlier you catch it, the better for the fish.
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In the diseases and emergencies section, there are some stickies (threads at the top of the page) dealing with various betta problems...among them a good description of what to do for fin rot including the treatment and amounts of aquarium salt, as well as other options. I'm not an expert, but I wanted to bump your thread so that one of our "Jedis" will see it today and weigh in to help your fish...
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I would do a 100% water change if he's not in a cycled/filtered tank or a large 70% water change if he is. Can you get him on some medicine today?

Id recommend kanaplex because it works very well but you may have to order it online unless you have a LFS store that carries it. Can anyone else recommend a medicine that petco or petsmart would have?

Also if he doesn't have a heater I'd get one right away and keep the water around 78 degrees.
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I would work on water conditions. My rescue betta's tail was nearly gone from fin rot when I got him. I treated him with aquarium salt and stress coat for a week and kept up the stress coat after a week. I had him in a one gallon tank and did 50% water changes daily. In the 3 weeks I've had him, he has responded very well to this treatment. His colors are coming back and I've seen quite a bit of new growth in his tail. I just moved him into a 2.5 gallon two days ago. I'm still doing daily water changes.
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