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The difference between a 10 gallon an 20 long Sorority Share your thoughts

I am still torn between the two sizes the tank stand I ordered will fit a 29 gallon. From an expense standpoint I am thinking getting a cover and light for a 20 long will be expensive. plus the heavy planting. The tanks itself is $30. So is Walmart 10 gallon with all lighting.

Unless I get on aquabid I think I have exhausted my supply of interesting females. I have 6 now. There are 2 more but 7 is of questionable sex and seems like a chicken and #8 I think will be aggressive.

So do 10 gallons really work for sorrorities or is not enough space to spread out agression? If I get a ten I leave space for other tanks which I may need (I still have one more tanks stand coming but it will be full). I have 13 males (maybe 14 with the ? mark) I am caring for now Most will be in 5 gallons except a baby plakat. I am planning to go with Walstad Method aquarium. I want what is best for my fish I would buy the 20 if a 10 is just going to cause too much stress. What have you experienced?
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After having a sorority myself, I would persoanlly never go for anything under a 20.Plus, you may find it easier to run a tank with the walstad method the larger it is. You will still need to plant heavily no matter what size it is, so by comparing plants of different sizes price wise, it may come out the same. :) I would also like to add that once you start a sorority, you pretty much just want more females when you see good ones, so the extra space will work to your advantage. I think that even if you have 3 or 4 females in a 10 gallon, there isn't really enough space. There are plenty of gallons, but the more space you have, the more likely problems with aggression with work themselves out on their own :) I STILL have aggression in my 20 gallon ( I do have a lot of females, but even in all that space we still have disagreements haha). If you can, ALWAYS go bigger! Good luck!
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