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Best Lighting for a Small tank?

Hello y'all (:

Do you guys have lighting for your smaller tanks? (2.5g,3g,etc.)
If so, what do you use, and where did you purchase it from?
I'd like to get Muse some lighting for her 2.5
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Does her tank have a hood or is it more like a glass cookie jar type container? If a tank with incandescent bulb that came with it, I usually replaced those with a standard base compact fluorescent bulb in full spectrum daylight; you can get these at most big chain stores or home improvement centers.
If its like a cookie jar, I cut a piece of fiberglass screen material couple inches bigger than my container top. Then I rubber banded it on; didn't want any escapees! Then I found the greatest, cool effect lighting was a small desk lamp I got from an office supply store. It was a long goose neck one that reached over top of container and just above screen material cover. I don't remember wattage but pretty low as was all LED lights. No heat at all vs only minimal heat from compact flouro mentioned earlier. I just put lamp right next to bowl and good to go. Even had my plants do pretty well.
There are some small tank lights you can get from box store petshops, but they only fit very thin tank walls; usually only the tanks made by same company as the lights.
Anyway, hope this gives you some ideas. One type bulb you don't want to use is the incandescent ones that often come with small tanks(unless you're blessed with one that has a small fluorescent one); they create too much heat and can make your tank temps vary too much from when they're on or off. Oh, and I've always found it helpful to buy the cheap light timers with the little tabs you pull out for times on and off. That way you don't have to fool with turning lights on and off manually all the time, which makes it easier for you and more stable for your Betta. Just pick one up when you get your light. Now worries ;)
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