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Danios are extremely active swimmers as MattsBettas has mentioned. You only have to watch a tank of danios swimming at the fish store to realise that they are going to be cramped in a 5 gallon tank.

Glofish are just modified danios. Doesn't mean their care requirements are any different.

Even if a tank can handle the bioload, there is more to correctly stocking a tank than just how much ammonia/nitrite your filter can process.
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I had danios in my 24" long tank.. A 28gal Bowfront. They swam like crazy all over that tank, all time time. I wouldn't keep them in a tank any smaller (as far as width at least).

Also, there are many people/companies that actually sell fake, dyed, 'glofish'.. Which is why some people will refer to them as dyed. Because they are sometimes. True, copy written, glofish are genetically altered.

People, and probably New Zealand, do not like them because they are genetically modified. Long finned danio, I believe, are just regular danio that occurred through selective breeding to reproduce and exaggerate that trait. These fish in neon colors are not in any way naturally occurring. I refuse to buy them because they are genetically modified and I do not think they should have ever commercialized these poor fish. Especially when they do advertise keeping them in such extraordinarily small tanks for such an active fish. This (as in my long finned danio I got from a local breeder) was one of the most active species I have ever seen. This fish easily bothered my other fish, which is why I did rehome them. It also took me FOREVER to chase them down in my tank because they just love to go go go! I couldn't imagine confining such a fish to only a 10gal.

And no, filtration doesn't fix all overstocking issues. Sure, you can compensate for a big of overstocking with extra filtration, but that doesn't take care of the added hormones and such in the water, as well as the lack of free room to move without having to dodge other fish. Fish are used to living in open water. You are already confining them to such a small place, why not give them as much 'leg room' as you can.
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ok guess I will just stick with Chum in the 5g and get a different tank for the glo-fish if I decide to get some. thanks yall :)
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