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If you are starting sorority can you film your introductions & thereafter

I plan to have one ready in about a month everyone is in quarantine and looking at each other. I would like to see how females act upon initial introduction and what goes on as they settle in. I'd like to know what to expect and what is normal. So if you are starting one sooner can you please document it?
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I would've had a heck of a time trying to film and introduce my girls at the same time, lol.

Exploring, nipping, chasing, tail slapping, and flaring is all normal. Two girls going at it when neither of them back down, is not normal. One should always swim away.

People complicate it more than they need to. The girls will probably figure it out on their own. YOUR job is to make sure they have enough cover, good parameters, etc...
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Oh god yeah lol, I would have such a hard time with that.

But yes, slapping, slamming, pecking, fighting and fin nipping are all normal for about 2 weeks or so.

For the first two weeks though, you don't do anything to them unless you see that neither girl is backing down to the other and things are really starting to get vicious like ripping scales and tearing larger chunks of fins out. Then you would put the more vicious one or the bully into a clear breeder box for a day, sometimes longer up to two weeks again until they settle down.

What I do with my sorority is when I get them, I acclimate them to my tank water. Change out their cup water for tank water and let them float in my tank for the 2 week QT period so they can see everyone during that period and get used to their presence. I change water out every other day, take my spare cup get some tank water and put the girl in that one. I pour the old water down a drain, not in the tank and rinse it out for another girl to get her water changed.

Then when I introduce a new girl I feed everyone up front and release her in the back so she can explore while everyone else is busy eating. Generally she goes right up to join them and they couldn't care less.

It's really not that hard I wish you luck with yours and would totally follow a journal if you had one!
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