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Housing Females...


I recently got back into Betta keeping/breeding, and managed to pick up some 2 foot (16 gallon) tanks.. I plan on using one as a Sorority tank, to house some Females..

I had a quick read of the Sticky, and I have a few more questions..

Could anyone give me an idea on how many I should keep?.

Should I buy several, or wait and keep a few from my first spawn, as they can be a lot more aggressive if they've been kept alone for a while..

Also, any ideas of plants I should use? Not too knowledgeable in the plant department..

Thanks in advance! Lukie.
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It depends on how heavily you want to stock your sorority and whether you want to keep any other fish in with your females. I have had sororities where there has been one female for every one gallon of water, but some people like to be much more conservative.

I personally think you could easily house 8-10 females in a 16 gallon tank.

I have had sororities with pet store females, breeder females and imports, and it all comes down to the individual temperament of each female as to whether they will cohabitate peacefully. Mature females that have been housed alone for some time are usually more difficult to introduce into a sorority. However, difficult does not mean impossible, and with some effort you can usually make it work.

You never want to have less than 4-5 females in your sorority. The more females you have at any one time, the more the aggression is dispersed evenly amongst them.

With that said, sibling females usually do much better together, particularly if they have never been housed separately.

I like to use fast growing plants in my sororities. Plants like water sprite (lace fern in Australia), ambulia, wisteria, milfoil are all good choices provided you can meet their nutrient and lighting requirements. Vallisneria is another quite fast spreader, and it has the added benefit of providing cover at all levels of the tank.
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Thanks for the quick reply, I would like a small catfish, Heard that Oto catfish can be good with Bettas.. Any confirmation to this? Other than that I don't plan on any other fish sharing the tank.
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Yes, Oto cats get along fine with bettas. A few people here keep them with bettas.
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Otos are good but you need to keep them in a group just the same as you would any cory cat. They are all wild caught as well which makes them extremely sensitive to water changes so keep in mind that they die easily if your tank isn't ready. Generally if they live passed the first month, they'll live for a long time unless something drastic happens

And I would no suggest doing other fish in that tank with the girls. You want as many girls as you can get so LBF's suggest of 8-10 is great and then you could have about 4-5 Otos
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