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Question Tannins??

Okay I hear from a lot of people that they use Almond Leafs as a source of tannins which is beneficial to their fish.

My question is can you provide a beneficial source of tannins from other products?

When I hear "tannins" I think of tea but I'm pretty sure if I added tea to a fish tank that the caffeine alone would royally mess with the inhabitants' wellbeing (and not in a good way). Even if I used high quality white tea that doesn't go through ridiculous amounts of processing that regular black/tea-bag tea does, I'm assuming that would be bad.

Does anyone know of other ways to give them what (or at least some of what) an almond leaf does?

I've heard of Black Water Extract but I don't know enough about it to feel comfortable using it.
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Driftwood seeps a lot of tannins into the water. My water looks like light tea because of my driftwood. A lot of people boil it before putting it in a tank so that doesn't happen, but my piece was too big to boil and I don't mind my water being tinted that color.
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Using driftwood is correct, but eventually the tannins will all leak out so that will not provide permanent tannins. Some driftwood leaks longer.. Mine was only like a couple months.

I just recently started using the Tetra Blackwater Extract in my tank, and using the suggested amount doesn't get the water very dark.. I don't think the product is bad to use, but it probably gets fairly expensive. I want to try the product Kent sells because I had read online, mostly from Discus owners, that this is a superior product to Tetra's offering. I like that, when dosing the water column, you have a bit more control over the look of the tank, as far as how dark you want it. These extracts are made up of peat moss.

The next option I have found online is putting a baggy of peat moss in with your filter. You can buy the peat moss at your regular big box hardware stores, or there are also companies that sell peat moss pellets for putting in a tank filter (Fluval, I believe..).

There are also other leaves such as oak that can be used.
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almond leaves, ial, tannins

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