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Originally Posted by indjo View Post
I suggest not breeding the first girl because she has bent spine - her top line is bent.

If you want to keep the dragon feature, breed to another drgn (ariel is partial drgn).
Any girl will give you a variety of colors

Try to get side views, flaring. It's easier to see color and form thus easier for us to preview.
I'll defiantly try to get side views of everyone, since I'm not 100% sure my velvet is gone I don't want to put them into my little acrylic picture taking tank.

I may go ahead and get Maximus in the little tank since he's healthy and I'll get him to flare a few times for some good pictures!
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Originally Posted by lillyandquigly View Post
I would say Venus, she looks to have the best form, if form is what you're going for
Yeah I did notice she had a nice body shape and of course I'm a huge EE fan so I was trying to pick the best out of my 3 EE girls lol

But I am looking for a nice compliment. For me personally I just want to keep the line of my girls going, especially Ceylon and Opal because those are my two baby girls :) <3 but I do know that i couldn't keep all the babies so at least for the first go round I want to make sure i have plenty of homes and so I'm trying to breed Maximus to the right girl and will hopefully get the babies people want so I can find homes other than pet stores!
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Originally Posted by Myates View Post
To be honest, none of those females will compliment the male if you are looking for specific colors/good fins.. adding an orange female to the mix doesn't mean you will get a white/black/orange colored baby. But Ariel probably has the better spread.. is that damage to her fins or is it her normal look?

The male seems to be a regular PK rather than an HM, none of those girls will really give you any good HMPKs if that is what you are wanting.

Both DTs are not really ones you want to breed.. first girl has some body deformities, the second has really bad fins - keep in mind DTs are tricky to work with, they are deformities in itself and often will breed deformities when bred - it increases if you breed DTxDT, etc. So honestly, neither of those girls really are breed worthy, imo.

If you want to semi match them, then Tiblu would be my recommendation.. I am all for experimenting, etc.. it's my favorite thing to do with breeding lol.

But out of those girls, Tiblu and Ariel would be the top two picks.
If you want to clean him up some and have some really nice fry, look for a nice dragon female with a bit wider dorsal to help fill out his and as close to an HM 180 as you can get.. if you want PK rather than HMPK then a regular PK girl is fine - just make sure her caudal fin is even and smooth..

Good luck :)

I had an amazing dragon girl who had white scales and red/blue underneath and around. She would have been perfect to breed with him but unfortunately one morning while feeding I was rushing to get ready for class and instead of making sure all my tank tops were closed I left theirs open and came back to her on the floor :( and Ariel's fins are ripped, here's what her picture looked like before the sorority

Here are some pictures I found of the sellers pictures off aquabid of my girls:




And this was my dragon girl, Kat, before she passed away

Personally my thoughts for breeding is just to keep the line going. All of my bigger animals (cats, dogs, horses, etc) are fixed so I guess having the opportunity to keep the line of my girls going is really the drive for it all. BUT I do know that I can in no way keep all the babies so at least for this time around I am trying to fit the best girl to him so that hopefully I'll have some nice babies and will be able to find homes for them. I'm also curious about all of their genetics.

I was worried about my two DT's I was actually talking to someone about that the other day. Saying how it's so interesting how we breed for something just because it looks nice (I did buy those two because I really loved the way they both looked!). But I did suggest Iris for Maximus because several people wanted me too (of course my luck the babies wouldn't be as amazing and no one would want them).

I do love Tiblu :) she is a cutie! So I wouldn't mind breeding them together I would just hope they would have a nice mix of colors because I know all too well how people don't like 'dull' looking bettas (although I think Tiblu's colors are amazing! She went from a pale greenish color to a nice dark green and her tips started turning blue, that's where her name came from lol). But all in all I'm an EE fan all the way and I personally REALLY wanted to breed Ceylon (my white girl) to Maximus because she is my little sweetie :)

I can defiantly keep my eye out but I don't know if I want to add another female(s) to the tank unless it would be offspring of a pair. Of course I don't want to breed and then have 4273473289472 babies and 0 homes lol so I'm nervous about the whole process (and of course someone getting hurt and all that could ever go wrong in the process! I'm also worried that Ceylon is too big for Maximus to wrap around :( but what is a good measure of that?)

Thank you so much for all your advice! I'll definitely be sending pictures and questions your way :D
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Oh and also, this was Maximus's picture when I was looking on aquabid. He had a little scale out of place that looked like an egg so he had been listed as a female:

Let me tell you the surprise I had when I received him and not only had his fins grown a lot more and so did his colors but then he was a male lol but I'm not upset because he is a sweet guy and beautiful to look at!
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Ok.. he is nice, was just hard to tell in the pictures was all :)

Ariel has the feather/rose in her fins.. be careful breeding her as that causes major deformities - normally breeders stay away from breeding them. So be aware that it's not a good thing to breed into a fish.

Love Venus, but unsure what colors you will produce using her.. but she is the better of the group between Venus, Ariel and the DTs.

Eleni and Iris I still would avoid.. they are still stunted and with a bit of a spine issue at the tail. DTs can be a bit stubbier than others, but not supposed to be to that extreme.
BUT if you are fine with culling as needed, you can attempt Iris, and then breed a non-DT (may have the genes still, but that's fine) back to the dad to work on the coloring and then work out the "negative" qualities.

Don't get me wrong, you have some really pretty fish! I'm not a "perfectionist", but wanted to give you an idea what would be "preferred" with what you have :)

Semi-ideal DT female, just a tad bit longer bodied:
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