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Light on or off?


I just got my betta Delfino on Wednesday and so far we seem to be doing well ^^ He's pretty active and curious but I think he has a somewhat cautious personality.

Right now, he's living in a one gallon tank given to me by a friend. I should be getting a ten gallon tank for him soon though. The tank has a filter and a light, and the light helps keep the water pretty warm. I also have a love/hate relationship with my air conditioning, so I have the air vent mostly blocked- it stays very warm in my bedroom.

My question is about the light in his tank. The tank does not have a heater- I had read that a heater could be difficult to regulate and possibly dangerous for a smaller tank. The light is on all day, but I have been turning it off at night to give Delfino the chance to rest. However, is this the right thing to do?
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That is right, bettas need to rest throughout the night, they cant exactly rest with the lights on. Its not exactly true that heaters are hard to regulate in small tanks, more like there is a possibility of them heating the tank too much and cooking your bettas, a thermometer should help to make sure that doesnt happen. Adjustable heaters are what you want so you can regulate the temp better than a preset heater.
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Yes and No. you do want the betta to have a temp between 78-82 BUT on the other hand, having the water be 78 during the day and then droping to 70 at night is, IMO, more harmful then having the water stay at 70 all day. Fluctuating tempatures or water chemistry is not good for them either. The best thing is to either find a 2 gallon or larger tank and use a 25 watt heater OR look for ones made for smaller tanks. If you can find a 25 watt the is small enough to fit in a 1 gallon (most are too tall) AND it is adjustable, that may be the way to go but you also want a thermoter so you can keep an eye on the temp. Maybe set it a few degrees lower then you want to see how warm the water will get. I have heard they can tolerate water temps up to about 86 or so..??

I know Deep Blue makes non adjustable heaters that are about 6 inches and skinny. I have a 30 watt one in a 5gallon and for being non adjustable, it works pretty good. Also Hagen Elite has small adjustable 25 watt heaters as well. They have 2 models - one I think is older and hangs on the tank and the other is newer and submersiable. I have used them before in a 1 gallon but had to keep it set at about 74 or so. Tetra also makes smaller ones but they in a 50 watt couldnt heat 1 gallon over 73

It takes about 5 watts to heat up 1 gallon so this SHOULD work

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