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Old 06-16-2013, 09:38 AM   #1 
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Betta striping

My copper plakat changes color pretty regularly, darker when I Feed, lighter at night, gets angry and shows horizontal stripes when seeing the siphon for a water change - any little mood swing and he changes a bit - but yesterday, he pulled a new one on me.

It was time for his 100% water change, and I had gotten some new plants and decided while I was at it, I'd put a bit of soil under the gravel and give him an NPT.

While floating in his cup to be slowly re-acclimated, apparently, he approved, and went from sulking sullenly at the bottom of the cup to eagerly wiggling to get out and explore his new digs. And the color darkened right up and got faint, vertical stripes.

This betta was labeled as a halfmoon plakat and I had some suspicions at the start, but when shown a male, my fish goes nuts flaring. But I've never heard of a male getting even the faintest vertical barring.

So, do I have a really aggresive girl or do males ever get vertical striping?
Here's a picture - please forgive the cloudy water, as I said, I just changed the tank to an NPT and it takes about 24 hours for the cloudiness to go away. It is much clearer already this morning and the "morning after" 50% water change is already aging in the bucket.
Also, the white stuff is smudges on the outside of the glass, and not fungus on the betta (I didn't even see it till I blew up the picture) - I just snapped a quick picture before the striping faded.
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In this blown up picture, the clearest stripe is still faint, just in front of the dorsal can you see it? I am still really bad at betta pictures, it was much clearer in person.
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I am far from an expert & sure someone will come along soon who knows more, but this looks like a girl to me. I don't see the stripes you were trying to show, but that anal fin is rather round instead of pointed as I believe a males generally is.
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