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Of course bettas don't like small tanks it's like saying would you want to live in your own bathroom? Of course not bettas thrive better in larger tanks and it's better to see them swimming beautifully and exploring!
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For the longterm health of fish, A tank of no less than 5 U.S. Gal. With heater and healthy biological filter which can be small hang on the back or sponge filter.
Don't take my word for it,ask any responsible,expierienced,caring person what they're views are. Or better yet, do as I have done over the months here,,as well as other forums,
Person aquires Betta,Places Betta in unfiltered, and sometimes unheated bowl,vase,or other container of much less than five gal.
In a matter of days,weeks,or a month. Person reports sick fish. No one ever asks what are water parameters (ie) ammonia levels,or nitrites. No one asks what type of water are you using? Tap,spring,distilled,bottled. The person is then directed to administer all manner of medications and or salt.Never mind there are no recommended doses for water volumes of less than five gal. Many people then begin mixing medications,overdosing medications,or not administering enough medication.All are often fatal for the fish.
If the fish are kept in proper enviornment from the outset,,Filtered,heated tank of at LEAST five gal ,with healthy biological filter just as you would provide for all other tropical fish, with proper dechlorinator such as those that address chlorine,chloramines,and AMMONIA.. Then fish will thrive and the use of medications is often not needed assuming you don't buy sick or damaged fish from the outset.
There are plenty of folks who practice all of the above both here and elsewhere. And until those here can form a consensus which places the welfare of the fish first, and opinions based on emotions rather than facts,a distant second ,, ,, then these fish that so many profess to love,,will continue to suffer.

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^I agree. My setups are all like that and I've only had one illness to treat that the fish didn't have from the onset. I've had 6 bettas and numerous other fish and I'm glad to say that that one time was the only time I've ever had fish fall ill under my watch. Now, I have treated numerous other illnesses that the fish had when I bought them, but never from my own tanks.

Not to mention that cycled tanks are WAY easier to take care of, and you don't have to worry about them if you need to leave/go on vacation for a week.

Bettas really are very hardy fish and if provided for correctly they shouldn't get sick nearly as much as you see.
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