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Cory Cats

Can Corydora Cat-Fish peacefully be kept with bettas? I would love to own a few. Also, I want have 2 corydoras, but I don't want them to mate. Would they not mate if I put an albino in with a green one?
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I think conditions have to be perfect for them to mate so I wouldn't worry about that. Two is OK but 3 or 4 is better. They don't have to be the same type to be happy. No telling how your betta will react until you get one. I have never had a betta that didn't like a cory catfish. One even became best friends!
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They definitely get along with bettas. They swim at totally different levels, so they don't really encounter each other a lot. I have Julii cory cats and they're super cute and get along with my female bettas just fine. Usually when people want to keep other fish with bettas, cories are always one of the first suggestions.
What is your tank size? They recommend at least 30 gallons for green corydoras... You should also have at least 4 because they are shoaling fish.
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Cory cats are great to keep with betta fish, I have a school of five juli cory cats and they are doing amazing well :) One of my girls even likes to follow them around and thinks that she is one of them as far as I can tell XD It's the most adorable thing in the world. Though you do want to have at least three, four or more is preferable since they are schooling.

And actually, research that I have done says that you do need to have the same kind. If you had two juli and three peppered then the juli would school and the peppered would, they would most likely not mix together and then the juli might get too stressed from not having proper number. They're the same species, but not the same family. That's why we keep them separated at my store as well. They aren't likely to fight or anything (far too peaceful for that) but they just aren't likely to school.

I'm sure it can happen, but it's not common.
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I keep false juli corydoras (my favorite) with my sorority of bettas. They ignore each other and the corydoras will even push the bettas out of the way for food. Corycats are armored and well protected - they're not likely to get hurt by bettas (they also have mild poison, but don't worry about that).

You'll likely find feeding challenging. When you feed your corydoras sinking food your bettas will go after it and even learn that a swarm of corydoras means to go down to the bottom and search for food. Your bettas will learn to become bottom feeders. If you feed your corys and bettas separetely you may find your bettas are eating too much.

I now only feed all my fish at once in that tank and they've all learned to feed on the bottom mostly. I feed sinking shrimp pellets (the corydoras seem to love those), on occasion I use a turkey baster and feed everyone frozen brine shrimp, and also on rare occasion I put a broken up algae wafer (which the bettas seem to think is candy, and the corydoras still go bonkers for).

In my sorority tank there are bettas, false julii corydoras, upside down catfish, ghost shrimp, nerite snails, and otocinclus (sucker mouth catfish). They all get a long very peacefully.

I used to also have albino corydoras and they never shoaled with the false juliis. Also I used to have an orange crayfish (CPO) which is a less aggressive small non plant eating species, he also got along with everyone just fine and would defend himself quite well against the bettas who quickly learned to avoid him (snip snip).
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