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:) I'm lucky. My fish aren't. They want mosquito larvae. :)
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Basement Bettas
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I avoid black worms like the plague. Many betta breeders get hex.. bad.. after feeding the black worms. It is enough of an issue in many fish rooms to be an issue. i fed them and treated periodically with metronidazole.. and get resistent hex. I won't even buy from a breeder if I hear the feed the BW's
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Maybe name and shame? Don't want others to buy the wrong stuff..
and that's so sad for you!! I hope you are okay!! *hugs*!
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how often should i feed my betta fish

hello i'm looking for answers about my betta just got him a couple days ago and i was wanting to no how do i start my own thread so i can start getting friends on here to help me with my questions this is a very good site so glad i found it i have been doing a lot of reading on here and it has help me a lot to get to no my thumbper and tips would be great thanks so much
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bringing up an old subject.
my local aquarium gang and I were casually discussing live black worms and the issue of the food often coming in with leeches was brought up. could it have been the leeches that kille your fish?
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Leeches on the worms or mixed in with the worms? I don't think I saw leeches large enough to be seen but honestly, anything is a possibility.
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Originally Posted by Sakura8 View Post
In light of my own predicament with my betta Train, I feel compelled to warn my fellow betta owners about live black worms.

Last week, I bought what I was told were live bloodworms and fed them to Train. That same night, I noticed he had a very large blockage that was literally making his belly pointed. A week in 3 tsps of epsom salt per gallon and IAL has done nothing to move this mass out of his system. He will most likely need to be euthanized.

Further research on google led me to discover that the worms I was sold were not bloodworms but were in fact black worms. And that's where everything went wrong for poor Train.

Here is what The Betta Handbook by Robert J Goldstein has to say:

"Bettas may engorge on black worms, resulting in gastric distress and sometimes death. Many aquarists cut them into pieces with a razor blade before feeding them to bettas. Black worms that survive partial ingestion can tear the stomachs of small fish, killing them." (pg 93, Goldstein)

If you purchase live worms, do double-check to make sure they are bloodworms. If you intend to feed black worms to your bettas, feed only one or two at the very most and probably do as the book suggests, cutting them into pieces.

I don't want anyone else to have to go through what Train and I are going through. Be very careful when purchasing and feeding live worms.
So Sorry! A Friend Had 2, A Boy, Squid And A Girl Sophie. That Is What She Gave Them... Squid Ate Them A Few Months B4 Sophie And He Had Gotten Big Like Ur Fish. After 2 1/2 Months, He Passed Away! After A Month, Sophie Ate Them And Got Big!! She Took Her To The Vet And She Survived! So Either Never Give Them Or Cut Into Small Pieces

Rest In Peace- Squid William!!! Red Halfmoon!
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I only feed my fish freze dried worms.
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Ahhhhhh thats so sad!!! How is Train ? Is he okay?!

Good luck to both of you :(
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Would it be ok if I gave my bettas a mosquito larve once a week?
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