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Flaring at Reflection?

I've only had my betta for a few days and have a LED lamp light in a acrylic tank. It's now dark outside and I turned his light on. The room it's in I turned the light off because I just get sensitive to long periods of light and this way I can appreciate the tank from the couch.

He's flaring crazy hard at the corners. While I've read that some flaring at new surroundings is normal, he is seriously bugging out and pecking at the tank and being so wiggly. Is this something he will get over or do I have a concern for stressing himself out? I'm so afraid of him getting way overworked.

Any fixes or input? I'm getting plants in a bit and hope it helps the back corners out where he flares the most.

Do I have to then do my light cycle during the day and not have lights on at all?
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A lit tank in a dark room makes the panes reflective. He's flaring at his reflection. Keep a light on in the room while the tank light is on. It's a good idea to turn off the tanklight and darken his room for >6hrs every night, or cover the tank.
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Is the back of the tank facing a wall? Often solid colors around the tank walls will make for near perfect reflections to him. On one of my tanks I put matte black backgrounds.
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I've read about bettas blowing out their fins for flaring too much...true at all? I don't like to not know things, but there wasn't much clarity on this that I found about it with proof they can die or blow out fins with the frequency it happens. I figured fishy people will be the best source, I hope.

Xeek- my tank is sitting in the middle of a kitchen island with nothing against it. It seems when I DO put something near it, it kills whatever he's flaring at and he just swims around like he's confused and going "what happened? where is he?".

I'm keeping the tank light on for a few hours since I've been gone all day and then will turn it off in a few hours. It's the keeping the room light which are recessed lighting running all the way down my kitchen on that's killing me. The couch is nearby. I'm gonna get a light timer for when the plants come and start it I guess before it gets dark and get a timer for the house lights to go on so he's not flaring at himself for hours. *sigh* Things to do for pets.

He didnt stop for hours last night. It was a bit much and worried me too much.
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