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Old 06-22-2013, 03:37 PM   #21 
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That's why breeders need to educate people on the proper care of Bettas to make sure they go to good homes. What your mentioning with them being used as ornaments is true to an extent. That's why breeders have the responsibility to make sure all healthy fish get a chance at a good life. These animals don't know any better yet the humans are allowing them to breed for their own pleasure and deciding who gets to live and who gets to die. Does that make sense to you?

Yes you can spawn and breed all the Bettas you desire to a desired line of genetics that your looking to improve. I get it 100%. I'm not bashing anyone about it. But those Bettas didn't meet to your standards should get to go to a good home. They didn't ask to be here, remember that. They feel, they need, they enjoy, they make you smile, and unfortunate times they make you cry. Let someone else love them even if you don't.

For the love of Bettas, please do it right.


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Culling animals is a fact of life. It may not be pretty, but it has been happening ever since domestication began and goals were set. Does anyone think those breeders in Thailand, etc., that everyone raves about don't cull the Bettas that won't sell on AquaBid or won't fight?

Do any of us have a purebred anythiing? It didn't get that way without culling. Even if we have a mixed breed, there was culling of its purebred ancestors.

Those breeders culled because they didn't want people buying animals that shouldn't be bred and then doing so. Now it's not PC to admit to culling so we have exploding populations of poorly bred and mixed breeds of whatever with an incredible number of genetic problems.

That being said, could I cull? Nope. But I won't criticize someone who does because having been involved with canine rescue for 40+ years, I understand why it's done.

The OP wants to help bring others into our world with breeding pairs of nice Bettas. Somehow that admirable goal been lost in the brouhaha over culling.

These are just my thoughts and not directed at anyone who's posted against cullling.
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Old 06-23-2013, 12:04 AM   #23 
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Originally Posted by Vickytoria3112 View Post

For the love of Bettas, please do it right.

So the breeders and creators of almost all the colours and types of betta available today werent doing it right? Just because you dont agree with it doesnt make it wrong.
Culling has to be done whether you like it or not, what you cull for is up to the breeder alone.

+1 RussellTheShihTzu
You pretty much said what I was trying to say but in a much better way lol
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This is very interesting to me. I was wondering how betta breeders feels about breeding and culling. I was talking to Discus breeders a few years ago. They are all about Culling. They want the best of the best.

Culling is needed because when bred in an aquarium survival of the fittest is not there. I think Weak, sickly, or deformed fish should be culled. There is nothing wrong with selling pet quality fish if they are healthy stock. In the wild out of a few 100 fry only 10 or 5 might make it to adulthood to breed.
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Old 06-23-2013, 01:25 AM   #25 
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Actually Snowflake311, it worse then that.

The entire point of reproduction is a stable population. So bettas can spawn 500 fry every month in the hopes of two making it to breeding and replacing their parents.
Number of offspring is directly tied into pressure on the population. Elephants have one baby every 5 - 10 years and don't start having babies for about a decade, because there's not a lot of things that eat elephants.
Bettas breed at 3-4 months, can do it monthly and have 500 at a go - in the hopes that two will make it to 4 months old.

No matter how hard you cull, they've still got a lot easier time then they would if nature were allowed to take it's course.
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Old 06-23-2013, 01:43 AM   #26 
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I think this is a great idea. I certainly want to breed bettas, but I do not want to breed bad fish. Education and supplies will help breed quality and standard. I think this is good to do for betta spelendens, and all other species of betta.
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Old 06-23-2013, 03:30 AM   #27 
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I think you are thinking too far ahead. Take many steps back. Right now, just think about breeding the pairs :). After your spawn has matured, then you come back and tell us about this program lol. As a breeder, receiving $5 or $10 dollars is nothing in regards to money wealth. Personally, I take it more as a "thank you for your hard work, here is my appreciation". Did you seriously consider giving away your hard work to a stranger who will probably just keep it in a bowl? Don't you think someone who is willing to spend a couple bucks is more appreciative of your hard work as well as giving it a better home? This is probably why this program would not work and no one has done it. I admire your thoughtful kindness though. :)
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This whole thing isn't the fact that fish will be culled.. even the best breeders cull. It's that they will be culled simply because they are males. Not because of deformities, or because they aren't "perfect", etc. It's that they will die simply because they are boys rather than anything else is what has some people upset.. Poster wanting to do what the IBC does and give out free pairs is fine (MANY breeders give out free pairs ALL the time, I see it constantly on FB alone and I've given out a good amount of free fish to members here, etc who are starting to breed).. Poster wants to specialize in selling groups of females is fine. But killing hundreds simply because they are boys is what doesn't sit right with some and that is completely understandable.

So, no need to argue whether or not culling is good/bad/done/not done.. it's why they are being culled was the main issue.

I look at one of my very young boys from a recent spawn and I just can't imagine culling him because he has such personality lol (He is giving me the grumpy face here because I disturbed him from flaring at a neighbor lol) But this is just my opinion..
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If you guys like to cull that's your business. There's nothing I can do about it. But if you were actually reading the original post, then you would know why I am upset about it.

The title asks, "What do you think of this?"

Well, I thinks its disgusting. She asked for my thoughts and I gave it. Nough said. Stop trying to convince me that animal cruelty is ok. I understand culling and why its needed. Just don't like the way the poster is going about it.
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OMG, that boy is so pretty, Meredith!!
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