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it might be ich on the fins and you need a bigger tank i reccomend 2 gallon
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the lady at the petsmart (which i might add was VERY educated and has TONS of experience) told me that crowntail bettas (both male and females) have the same problem; they get bloated easily (the females will look pregnant and the males will look like they will explode). she suggested i should cut back on the food for a total of 3-4 (for both bloodworms and pellets. she even said i can even feed 2 pellets and 1 bloodworm and any variations)

i've also even asked her about his pectoral fins, she said it was just the colour of his fins, NOT ICH (ICK) or fungus.

no case of dropsy, raised fins, SBD, internal or external parasites. she loved how he looked like though. and said he was VERY well taken care of.

she even asked me about his living condition, i told her:
- 1/2 gallon, changed EVERY THREE DAYS
- kept in the WARMEST area in my house at the moment, happens to be the living room, it's above average from all the other places in my house except my own room which is the warmest room. i'm in the middle of renovating my room right now until it's complete in a two weeks, he's going to be moved into my room for the summer and the living room in the winter.
- has gravel and silk plants as decorations
- feed him everyday but sundays. PRESOAKED pellets in current tank water for 10 minutes (Fierce likes it better that way). also recommended that i should also presoak this bloodworms before feeding as well.
- i DO let the water sit for a week conditioned before changing the water. there are always 4 jugs of water conditioned on the kitchen counter.
- she concluded that his living conditions where fine; anything bigger is recommended but not needed.

in general, he has developed a case of slight fin rot but it was treated early enough to prevent further and/or damage. she recommended that i should NEVER use a net because of the delicate fins ever when i pick him up. again, i never used a net before; just my hands or a cup. RECOMMENDED bettafix every other week until this tail is grown. if nothing has grown, she told me to contact her or the department manager to ask for medications beside bettafix. she had success for bettafix, i find it going too slow.

overall, he's doing well. i let him finally eat for the first time in 3 days. poor guy must be starved.

thanks everyone though. this will probably help anyone else, or do i hope, if their crowntail betta is bloated :) !
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thats great news, how nice to find a LFS like that!!!!, Im taking all this in as I get my first betta in oct, you might add a shelled frozen, thawed pea 1 or 2 times a week( proberbaly after the fast day) its a age old remedy to help keep digestion fine, how nice to get comments on the care of your fish like that
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