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Old 09-06-2009, 03:27 AM   #11 
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My CT also swims like he is bottom heavy and he likes to lounge on the high leaf of his silk plant. I was a bit worried about him but he is doing fine. According to the fish doctor the Bettas are fairly lazy fish but the CT for some reason are a little more listless.

I would go ahead with your plan to fast him and all and just keep an eye on him but it's possible you just got a lazier fish.

Best of Luck to you both.
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hope hes doing ok, question, ours dont come in cups, you buy them from a community tank,(they keep just one if male) they come home in a bag, i usually float the bag for 30-40- mins to aclimatise, but I usually drain off shop water(you never know whats in it),before adding the fish, I can fill my new tank with water from my other (very healthy) tank and it will already be cycled ready for the fish,does this sound ok?
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Sharon, Water from your cycled tank isn't going to do much but add dirty water to your new tank, I'm afraid. The beneficial bacteria you're looking for actually live in the gravel and filter media, so you would want to use those instead if you want to seed your new tank. Also make sure to keep the gravel/media in a bit of tank water while you move it, or the beneficial bacteria will die. This will not fully cycle your new tank, but it will speed up the process. Do you have an test kit to help you cycle?
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Rain Drop
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Thank-you BBgirl.

I can somwhat believe he's a lazy fish, but this is just too much.....he's struggling a lot and I can tell he's insanely stressed because he has weird blotches on his face....I almost think it's velvet actually. It's kind of shiny looking.

Sometimes he just floats there, gills not moving, fins not moving, nothing.
The only time he moves is when has to go up for air every few minutes, then he'll float back down and lay super awkwardly.
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