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lethargic for two weeks now

I previously posted here with the title Black Monday, recounting the loss of three bettas that I kept at the office. Steve is now the only one left, and has been at home for over a week now.

He sits on the bottom, not moving, all day long. When I feed him he'll shoot up to the surface and eat, then go right back to the bottom. When he swims up, he seems tail heavy, and his tail drops and he goes head up until he's perpendicular, then drifts to the bottom. Sometimes he'll suddenly dart around, slamming into the bottom or sides of the tank.

1 gallon jar/tank with conditioned tap water, no heater, temp between 74 and 76. Daily changes of 100%. Light feeding twice a day (just a few crumbs)

I'm wondering if this could be because I switched from the water cooler with RO to tap water (I was told here that RO was bad for them). I had no problems for 1 year, then within 2 months I'd lost most of my guys. The lethargy and sudden darting around seems neurological, so is it possible the tap water has heavy metals, and he has permanent damage?

I'm guessing SBD, but treatment with Epsom salts for a week didn't help. He wouldn't eat the pea, but doesn't seem constipated, not bloated, color is good, scales are normal, breathing is normal.

I'm feeling like this will be the last one for me. My coworkers all miss the fish and ask when I'm bringing Steve back, and if I'll get more. I'd rather have an empty desk than have Death Row again :(

Help anyone?
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Sorry you've lost 2 & the 3rd isn't doing well. I've read that store purchased Bettas have an average life span of 2-3 yrs, give or take so that is a possibility since you've had him for over a year. The water not being kept at the proper temp is also a factor, long term exposure to water that is too cold will effect a Bettas health. The water shouldn't be an issue if you are using a good water conditioner; one that removes heavy metals, nitrites, detoxifies ammonia, etc. such as Prime does. I don't think 100% daily water changes are necessary but I do think 78-80F water temp is. I hope he gets better or at the very least doesn't suffer.
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Water temp has been between 78-80 degrees due to the summer temps here. Steve's gills are pumping, which I've noticed off and on over the past few days.

The question I have, is this SBD or something else? How long does it take to get better? Is SBD always associated with constipation? Can SBD be permanent? He does not appear to be suffering, just so inactive you'd think he's dead.

Has anyone else had a similar situation? I don't want to lose him and I would like to set up my tanks again, but not until I figure out what is going on.

Help anyone?
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