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Stress lines, what do I do?

So my new betta fish has been with us for three days and I notice this dark line horizontal on his body. Someone on tumblr said that it's stress lines and I checked the tanks parameters. Apparently I had let the pH go too high and did a quick water change to hopefully get the pH down to a 7.4 (the level of my tap). I'm acclimating him now for an hour (will probably be done by the end of this post) but what else can I do to make his stay less stressful? I know that a betta can be stressed out by the new environment for the first few days so I've just let the natural sunlight in my room and left him alone yesterday, checking in on him every few hours.

Should I leave the blinds in my room closed? It'll help make the room a bit dim and I won't be messing around with him a lot today.
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If there is direct light on the tank, then yes, close up the blinds. If it's indirect it should be fine. I thought opening the blinds in my room would be great for the plants in the bookshelf tank on my dresser. One end of that tank got some direct sunlight, and my poor Redfish turned into an Orangefish until I remedied the sunlight problem.

Otherwise, just make sure he has a place to hide in his tank along with some leafy real or silk plants, and that you are keeping the water clean.

And it could just be that it'll take him a week or so to settle in
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Okay. He's taken to hiding behind and in the ceramic pot and java fern in my tank. Other than the stress line he eats like a pig and looks around the tank for more of the detritus worms to eat. Yesterday his stomach was so full that I didn't feed him that evening.
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