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Neon tetras

Some of you may remeber my post about having silver mollies with my crowntail Alexander-the-Great. Well that didn't go over very well. It started off in a battle against wills which the mollies would gang up on Alexander then he would gang up on the mollies. It would cause Alexander to be flared up more than enough times for my liking. I was increasingly worried for each of them, the mollies by the next day seemed to overrun the tank which I beleive upset Alexander and during feeding the mollies would rush and take all of Alexanders food :( They were pretty but it just was not working. I took the mollies back and exchanged them for 4 neon tetras. I know I should probably get one or 2 more but I can't afford them right now. At any rate I came home turned all the lights off and rearranged the tank(as suggested) I let the tetras aclimate. While they were floating in the back at the top of the tank Alexander noticed them and puffed up but became rather uninterested quickly. When I released them into the tank(opposite end) Alexander didn't take much notice at all. Every now and then he notices them and he seems rather unimpressed he'll chase them but not at all like he did with the mollies. He flares a little but it's a puffing of his fins rather than his gills and every fin raised to it's potential. They all seem rather happy and I beleive I can call this a successful tankmate selection. :)
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It sounds like everything is going well, so far. Just keep an eye on them and good luck! I hope everything works out with the neons.
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how big is the tank!? Sounds good!
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It's a 10 gallon tank. There's Alexander-the-Great, Clown (which is my plecostamous, I know he'll outgrow the tank but I'm planning to upgrade before he can get to big for the 10 gallon) and 4 tiny tetras which have yet to have names. I'm thinking about getting a few more tetras as I ready you could fit 6-10 plus a betta in a 10 gallon though I'm not 100 percent positive I'll do that, we'll see how everyone is doing first. Although it's so far so good as the tetras are low and small and don't cause any trouble unlike the mollies, if I had a larger tank the mollies may have worked but they were just to much trouble.Anywho I'm happy they are getting along :D
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