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Well, tomorrow I'm doing a speech on bettas in my English Honors class. Help me out, kay? The topic is on betta myths. It's supposed to be 3-4 minutes, which a good amount of that time will be saying each tail type XD

Bettas can be kept in bowls.
- Unadvised. 2.5 Gallon Tank. Needs a heat, and a temp of 75. Will make betta happier, healthier, prettier, and live longer.
Bettas are hardy.
- Somewhat true, but also a lie. Get diseases easily. Require lots of care, time, effort, and money.
- Can get fin rot, ich/ick, velvet, dropsy, and internal parasites.
Males and females can be kept together.
- Flat out lie. One will end up dying, or sick.
- Sororities are a better option. 4 or more females together. Hard to do, so not recommended for beginners. Females will kill each other just as easily as males.
Males cannot be kept with anything.
- Depending on the betta’s personality, they might be able to go with another fish. Ghost shrimp, cory cats and otos. Need to watch, because not all bettas will work with this.

I was going to add the Mud puddle myth, but decided I was going on 5 minutes here. Is this good? I'm really looking forward to this, so I can finally get some REAL info out there.
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The mud puddle myth would be a good one if you could shorten the myth somehow.=)
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Temp of between 75-80.Thats the only thing I can think of to add to it. Sounds great and good luck with your speech. Let us know how it goes.
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Looks good to me!!!!!! :)
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