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Smile I'm New to Fish Keeping! Hello!

Hi everyone! I started posting but no one knows who I am. I'm Delilah! I'm a mom (I'm 28), I'm a minister's wife and I am new to fish keeping. A few months ago my dad showed up with a surprise for my daughter (she's turning 4 in August) - a betta fish with a one gallon minibow and this garish rainbow gravel (my dad is color blind! lol) and statues of Nemo and Dori.
It took two days to deter my daughter from naming him Princess when she finally named him the only boy name she knew - Eugene (from Tangled. LOL, Not even his cool alias)
The fish was an ugly little thing, to say the least. A dark red and he kind of moped around. His fins were pathetic looking and he just didn't look like the fish I was seeing in my research online. I was actually being a real jerk and resented my dad a little for getting what I thought was the ugliest one.
I went to Petco and grabbed some salt and some bettaFix and the next day, the holes in his tattered fins were patching up and he was starting to be busy in his little tank. I also bought him a friend since it seemed lonely in the tank all alone - a gold mystery snail my daughter named Hiccup. Hiccup was also pretty beat up compared to online pics of Mystery Snails. The two of them recuperated together and they also became friends, so to speak. Eugene was following Hiccup around all over for the first few days.
Today, my Eugene (who seems to be some kind of hybrid since he isnt fully veil tail - maybe delta) is gorgeous. For a common fish, he's got this great spread on his tail and he has a beautiful blue irridescence that I know some breeders don't like, but I find so appealing...He's a ham, he answers to my voice, he loves when I look at him and he always comes right up to the tank in the same place every time I tap the tank for his meals.
I was just settling into fish keeping with Eugene when I told my husband I would love to upgrade him to a ten gallon and start a community tank. I also really was interested in possibly getting a new betta (not for a community tank with Eugene, of course). Money has been tight, so I prayed on it and the next day after I said I wanted another fish, God answered my prayer. My cousin Jenn called and asked if I wanted to take her betta. He also came with a ten gallon tank set up. I couldn't believe it!
The problem with this betta was he was as beat up looking as can be. He was a crowntail with a silver body and reddish tipped fins but his membranes were gone and he had a bloated belly. He was swimming funny too, which I spoke with a breeder friend about as possibly swim bladder disease. So for right now, Sashimi, as I've named him, is resting comfortably in the one gallon tank. I felt that he was way too skittish to be in that huge ten gallon with nothing but a little pointy fake plastic tree for coverage. Eugene, on the other hand, has taken over then ten gallon with Hiccup and they are partying like its 1999!
I never thought I would be a fish person, but not I can't stop thinking about the new five gallon I already bought for Sashimi to move into once he feels better and starting a community tank.
Thanks everyone for having me here and I thank you in advance for any good advice given in the future!


Eugene and Hiccup
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Welcome. Looks like you got the fish and multi tank syndrome super fast! LOL! Keep up the good work and feel free to join in any time. Don't forget updates and pics ;)
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Thank you!
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Hello and welcome to the forum.
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Welcome to the forum
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Thanks everyone!
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crowntail, mystery, snail, veiltail

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