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Algae eater and divider questions

Hey there!

So recently I've been noticing a good amount of what I'm pretty sure is brown algae build up in my tank from time to time. I suck up whatever I can and then by the next water change it is there again. Any advice on how to get rid of it/ any algae eaters that will be safe with my Bettas (It's a 10 gallon unnaturally planted divided tank)

I was also wondering does anyone have any advice for the divider in the tank. Like suggestions to make it look different (Like growing some sort of plant on it?

Bonus question: is it okay to have some dead plant debris in the tank. Every time I clean I try to ge it all out buy I always manage to find some left over?
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I wouldn't add any algae eating fish. The only thing I'd recommend in that size would be Nerite snails.

The algae is probably being caused by the decaying plant matter which equal excess organics than the plants themselves can use, and the algae takes advantage of this.

I've heard of people growing moss on mesh dividers.
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An Oto (Otocinclus) would fix your problem very nicely. Although they are ideally suited in a heavily planted tank or a tank with lots of live plants. They usually don't grow more than 1.5" and they get along great with Bettas. I have one in my 6g tank with my Betta and he does's a great job cleaning algae.
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