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Unhappy Betta with possible fin rot : how do I tell?

We just bought my friend a betta for her birthday from PetsMart and they conned me into getting a 1/2 gallon tank (I know, way too small >.<!) for the little guy. Now, we all live together in an apartment on campus and we need to get him into a bigger tank, but we're noticing something really wrong with the fish and we have to be able to keep him alive until tonight. I'm really worried and I am really upset about the fact that the fish people were not able to give me proper directions to take care of this beautiful betta! I need help identifying what the cause of this fish's problems are:

1) He's not eating right (he ate really well the first few days and the last few days he's just not eating at all.) We bought him betta pellets and, after reading, I wonder if it's because he needs more worms in his diet?

2) He looks like his fin is wearing off... There's this white... Fungus? On his dorsal fin and the long thin fins closest to his gills. On part of the dorsal fin it looks like the webbing between the long tendrils is coming off (it's bright red and disconnected from the dorsal fin itself) and on the other side of the fin the coloring has become white.

3) He is staying right at the top of the tank. He's not swimming, he's not moving, he's not doing anything except breathing.

We're ready to take immediate actions to save this fish's life. It's not fair that it should be punished because those at the Petsmart couldn't give us the great advice that this forum has. Please help me save it!



We're prepping a salt bath for the fish now and cleaning its tank again. Is this a good way to start? Thanks!
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It might be fin rot but the white "fungus" doesn't meet the description. You should get some bettafix. It will help cure whatever he has faster.
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Clean water with aquarium salt might help- half a teaspoon per gallon (quarter of teaspoon per half gallon). Dissolve it before the fish goes back into the tank. Acclimate the fish when introducing him back to the tank- the difference in chemistry might shock him.
His water needs to be changed every day in a 1/2 gal esp if he is sick. Can you post a picture?
Also Jungle Fungus Clear might help.
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Jungle Fungus Cure and Aquarium Salt are definately great suggestions.
I've had good results using them. Also if you have a Petco they carry BettaRevive and it's cheap but I had good results with it too.
Jungle Fungus Clear is pretty broad spectrum it covers fungus, bacteria and parasites. You have the right idea doing a salt bath and getting a bigger tank.
Best of luck to you and your friend and the little buddy.
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YES THAT IS FIN ROT. Defiantly sounds like Fungal bacterial fin rot Dx Get either Jungle Fungus Eliminator or Jungle Fungus Clear. Treating him to some salt baths should do him some good too.

For a tank that small you need to do water changes once every 1-2 days! Since it's probably not cycled, the build up ammonia in the tank caused by fish wastes and rotting food the betta didn't eat is deadly and stresses your fish out, making it more likely to get sick. He should also be kept at around 80 degrees F.

Once the fin rot is gone, treat him with some bettafix as well Dx it'll help with healing his fins. If his behavior doesn't improve after that, he might have an internal infection.

Also, once he's all better, everyone here will really recommend you upgrade him to at least a 2.5 gallon with the whole set up (filter and heater). He will simply thrive in that environment, becoming a beautiful happy betta and that you can admire proudly!

:) Plus larger tank + filter= requires less maintenance (two 25% water changes every week should do for a 2.5gal. Bigger tanks will require water changes less often still!) = less stressing your fish out, since frequent water changes will more or less stress your fish out as well, once again making him more likely to get sick...

It may sounds like a lot of work and money, but it's very rewarding seeing your fishy friend very happy!

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