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I have a guppy, and he used to reside with two other guppies, before they got sick and died. As far as I know, he has never nipped my female bettas fins. So I guess it might depend on the fish.
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Okay, so what kinds of food? I know they like frozen and live, I have frozen bloodworms and NLS tropical fish pellets. Would those work?
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I personally have 5 guppies living with a male betta. It seems like fin nipping is starting to happen, so I'm keeping an eye on things. I feed mine a combination of different flakes, Tetra flakes and Tetra crisps because I need to get rid of the latter and I'm not going to just throw it out either. I've just got them fairly well crushed. Makes it a bit more difficult to judge feeding time, but I watch them like hawks to make sure one's not getting too fat or too skinny.

Bloodworms should be given on a treat basis I've heard. They don't have hardly any nutrition so it'd be like candy or something for them. Egg yolk is recommended, I've heard of both liking it. *Nodnod.* Live foods can be small flies and various other things as well. They all need lots of protein.
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