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Question Worms in tank

Hello I am new here but I am not new to keeping betta fish and I am excited to join. I had a 10 gallon community aquarium that only contained 2 tetras and 3 cories due to die off over the years so I put those few fish in another tank and after doing a water change I got a new betta fish earlier this week. I noticed after I got home that one of his eyes is white and cloudy and his white fins were very slightly brown around the edges and slightly tattered looking so I figure he has cloudy eye and mild fin rot and plan to treat him with aquarium salt and frequent water changes, advice would be appreciated. Also he kind of seems to notice food if I put it right next to him but he doesn't seem to be able to eat (although he may have eaten one piece today!) because he just pecks at or around it. He has also been consuming and spitting out an excessive amount of air. Today I just noticed that there are a lot of tiny whitish almost see through worms on the glass and swimming around in the water and I was wondering if those were harmful and what to do about them. I don't see any in the other tank that recieves basically the same treatment but is 5g larger so I think the betta may have brought them. Any advice is much appreciated and I am sorry for my long windednedd.
Thank you.
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Water change is all I can advise. Do you have pictures? Pictures would be a lot easier to identify your situation.
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The white worms sound like planaria. If it is planaria, they are harmless to fish. It simply means you're overfeeding or not cleaning the poop up soon enough as they eat excess waste. Lower the amount you feed, maybe one flake/pellet at a time, let him eat it before adding another, etc. If you keep the tank clean they will eventually starve and die off. Some people don't mind them, I think they're icky. lol. Always wash your hands before and after having your hands in the tank for cleaning. It does sound like eye cloud and fin rot to me as well. Again, keep the water warm and clean, maybe add a pinch of aquarium salt and see if he improves. You could use bettafix as well, though I've heard that that coats their lungs or something and could cause issues (I think that's due to overuse though). I used bettafix and salt when my betta got fin rot and he'd swim right into the bettafix when I added it, as if it soothed his burning fins! It ended up stopping the progression of fin rot, though he never got new growth. Best of luck.
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cloudy eye, fin rot, worms

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