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Old 09-22-2009, 01:49 PM   #1 
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Question my fish won't eat =(

I got a new Betta fish 2 days ago and he will barely eat anything. he'll maybe eat one pellet every time i try and feed him. should i be concerned?
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He's probably just adjusting to his new home, Bettas can live for a couple weeks without food, so it's nothing to worry about, just keep offering it to him, I'd suggest one pellet at a time, and clean up any uneaten food so it doesn't rot in the water and cause ammonia to build up. He'll probably come around in a day or 2.
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He sounds like he's stressed with the new surroundings. He'll eventually come around.

What size tank did you put him in? Did you put any plants &/or a cave for him to 'hide' in? Sometimes, if you give him some space and a place to hide, he'll relax more in the new home and get to know you at his own pace.

Some of my boys are a lot more shy than the others. They go into hiding whenever I come close to the tank, and yes, they don't show as much interest in food as the less shy ones do. Give them some time, and don't let your stress rub off on them.
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yea i brought a new boy home about 2 weeks ago and he didnt eat for like the first four days, now he eats a little, but i know hes okay cause he build big bubble nests already, dont worry he'll come around.
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