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Seeking advice about popeye

Hello All,

A few days back I awoke to find that my poor little betta had popeye in his right eye. I ran to a local pet store 1st thing and started treating his water with Maracyn 2.

The eye starting improving after a couple of days but when I checked on him this morning, the right eye is worse and now he also has popeye in his left eye too.

Both eyes are very cloudy and under the right eye there are white specks. I'm worried about his getting worse and the fact that he hasn't eaten for 4 days.

He only swims to the top for air (and he struggles with that, wobbles). He only lays on the bottom of the tank in the corners and no longer hides/lays in his plant like he used to.

How can I determine what is causing this issue so that I can treat it immediately before it worsens?

Any help will me much appreciated.
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I would finish the current Maracyn 2 treatment cycle, and also add the following two things:
a) Maracyn (Erythromycin)
b) Epsom salt.

Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) can help relieve the fluid retention/swelling in the eye. You can get this at supermarkets and pharmacies (but not pet stores). Look for 100% magnesium sulfate. (No dyes, additives or perfumes.)

You didn't say the size of your tank, so I can't give you specific amounts, but here's the general procedure:
  1. Put some of his tank water in a cup. Stir in Epsom salt so that you'll have a dosage of 0.5 teaspoons Epsom salt/gal. Make sure the salt is completely dissolved.
    For example:
    -- 1 gal tank: Dissolve 0.5 teaspoons Epsom salt.
    -- 2 gal tank: Dissolve 1 teaspoon Epsom salt.
  2. Slowly, over the course of about 30 minutes, pour the dissolved Epsom salt mixture into the tank.
  3. Wait 12 hours. Then repeat the above process. This will take you to a total dosage of 1 teaspoon Epsom salt per gallon.
  4. When doing water changes during his treatment, use new water that contains conditioner and Epsom salt (1 teaspoon/gal). This will maintain his 1 tsp/gal dosage for the duration of his treatment.

I would also try to increase the humidity level in the tank. This will make it easier for him to breathe, and has a calming effect. One way to do this is to put plastic food wrap (Saran, Glad, etc) over the top of the tank. Make sure you leave several inches of air, so he can breathe.

As for not eating, what are you feeding him? If you tell us that, people may be able to give you suggestions on how to entice him to eat.
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Thank you so much for the great info! I have purchased the Epsom Salt and Maracyn 1 to add to his current treatment.
His tank size is 1 gallon. I have been trying to carefully measure out the powder to avoid over-medication as each packet is for a 10 gallon tank. I always measure pH levels, ammonia, etc. and condition his water with each change. I have used the same products/system since I brought him home so I have no idea what caused the Popeye which doesn't help to ensure it doesnít happen in the future.
I also keep a close eye on his temp and have read different posts that vary regarding the temp to keep his water at during the treatment, what do you suggest? I currently am keeping it at 78 -82 based on what I read.
I have read on a few forums that a 30-50% water change is recommended every few days during treatment and then go back to weekly 30-50% changes, do you recommend the same?
I brought him home a little over a year ago and he has always eaten the ĎTop Fin color enhancing Betta Bitsí without any problem but since the Popeye he wonít eat. I keep attempting to get him to eat at least 1 pellet as I am quite concerned about his going too long without eating (it has been 6 days), any suggestions on other foods to try? I donít care if I have to buy 5 different foods to find the one he will eat, I just want to give him every chance to make it.
I have, in the past, tried freeze-dried blood worms and brine shrimp as a treat but he has never taking a liking to either of them.
Again, thank you for the great advice.
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As far as water changes with the treatment, follow the instructions on the maracyn packages. It has been awhile since I used this treatment, but I seem to recall it encouraging you to do fewer water changes so that the medicine slowly builds up in the tank. Double check on that, though.
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