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Goldfish and betta?

I just got my betta on June 29th. He has adjusted pretty good to his 10 gallon, and eating very well. He (his name is Zodiak) swims so fast around the tank, like a torpedo. Anyway, my dad thinks the tank still looks a little empty. He wants to buy a fantail goldfish and put him in with the betta. And when the goldfish gets too big for the 10 gallon, then put him in a seperate tank. Is this safe? Has anyone put goldfish in with a betta?
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Goldfish should never be kept with Bettas. Goldfish are cold water fish and need heavy filtration, which a Betta (who are tropical and need warm water and gentle filtration) cannot live with. Plus, Goldfish get very big, I wouldn't keep a goldfish in a ten gallon unless it was by itself. Ideally I'd keep a Goldfish of any kind in a 20.

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LittleDeer is spot on...goldfish are poop machines so ammonia builds up fast in a smaller tank too.
I've seen here that some common tank mates include snails, loaches, cories (kept in schools), cherry/ghost shrimp.
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Goldfish aren't coldwater fish, they're temperamental. The fancies usually like the 70's or so, while the singletails prefer the 60's. In warmer water, their metabolish speeds up and so, they poop even more. They can be placed with bettas, but only in a big enough tank for them to share. Around 30 gallons or so is possible.

20 gallons have room for only one fancy goldfish. Nothing else. The rule for fancies is 20G for the first and then +10 for each extra fancy. Singletails need at least 55G each!!

I highly +1 Sweetea's recommendation of that variety of fish and inverts.
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Agreed, definitely no goldfish! You can try Corydora catfish, I had 4 in a ten gallon with my male Betta. They need to be in groups of at least 4. Amano shrimp and snails are a good idea too. Amanos are a bigger shrimp and don't die off within a week like most ghost shrimp do. And since they're bigger bettas don't usually see them as a food source (USUALLY!). They also clean up the algae VERY well. I had a slight algae problem and they cleaned up the tank in a week (with just 4 of them!) Snails are okay but they also produce a lot of waste and some can reproduce very fast. Mystery snails are usually colorful and pretty, so maybe one or two in your tank would be okay. I've heard guppies can be kept with some bettas, but all bettas are different. You really just need to see if he will be aggressive or not once you put them in there.

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