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When I first got frogbit for the first time, that had happened to me. I found out it was because of lack of light or too much flow or too much movement of the plant itself.

I currently have frogbit in my 5 gall shrimp tank with a 23watt cfl at about 1 inch away from the plant and it propagates like crazy. I'd say I thin it out every 1 month to about 5 plants, then a month later the top of the water is literally cover to the max. Oh my lighting period is about 6 hours. Substrate is mts with sand cap. And dosing brighty k once a week, if your wondering what the conditions of the tank is. There's literally no flow in the tank which may be also a factor of it propagating so fast.

Hope that helps.
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Update: I plucked all of the browning leaves off the other day when I said I would start the experiment. I've been leaving the light on for no more than twelve hours each day since then (3 days). So far, I have not had any more browning!
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i have had this problem with my frogbit, as well as a similar problem where some leaves would have brown "veins" running through them and then gradually yellow and die, under a 13w cfl over a 3 gallon. i am almost certain the problem is that they were getting too much light, for one reason- this past week, i went on vacation for 4 days and left the tank light off completely, though it would still get some indirect sunlight through the room's window. when i came back, all my frogbit was mysteriously bright green and healthy! i've decided to try tilting the light up so that it's a little further from the water's surface to see if that helps, & reducing the time i leave the light on to 7 hours max (i was doing 10 trying to grow a stubborn plant, which is excessive, haha.)
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