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Originally Posted by sassyfriend View Post
Okay I have a question as well. Mom helps me with making water for my fishes we put it in a big bucket and let it sit out until I use it. That's ok to do right?

Also what test kit is best to use? I haven't checked the water in tanks so i'm not sure how to go about doing it the right way. Please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

You should be adding API Stress Coat, Seachem Prime, or some water conditioner to detoxify the heavy metals, chlorine, and chloramine quickly. Letting it sit out will only cause the chlorine and chloramine to evaporate, not the metals. API Freshwater Master Test Kit is the best IMO.
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Originally Posted by bettaman12 View Post
I am sorry. I should of worded this more carefully. Rarely be done in a cycled tank. This is because I have done it before without knowing the consequences. I thought that all tanks needed biweekly 100% water changes. I knew that Beneficial Bacteria live on all surfaces in the tank(which is what is right) I thought that doing the change wouldn't harm anything. I had just finished a fishless cycle. It was a HASSLE taking out the fish and putting them in containers. Then, I removed the tank water. I lugged buckets back and forth to refill the 10 gallon tank. I filled it with dechlorinated water. I then had to wait for all of the fish to reacclimate to the new water temperature. Then, about 3 days later, I started to see signs of sickness (which I did not know what they were at the time) I tested the water and saw that the ammonia levels were too high (above the normal levels of 0). I was shocked as I thought that my tank had been cycled. Turns out that my ph levels, hardness levels, and ammonia levels in my tap water had changed. I guess my city had been adding ammonia to the tap water recently, and along with my partial water changes, that level had built up. I didn't drip acclimate my fish. One of my fish died but the others eventually were treated but I was just trying to say that 100% water changes are way too much of a hassle. There is no need for them in a cycled tank, unless you like all the extra work! (Unless nitrates are severely high!) I do know that BB lives on aquarium surfaces, and not in the water column.
That sounds like quite a headache! And a lot of unnecessary work. I agree with you, that a 100% water change on anything other than a betta tank is a giant PITA, and that there is no need to ever do that in a community tank unless there is some catastrophic contamination. It's just unnecessary to remove so much water that the fish need to be removed.

Too, it takes a long time for chloramines to dissipate - significantly longer than chlorine.

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We use aquasafe dechlornates and conditions so I was wondering if that's all we should be using or should we use something more and if so what else should we be using?
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