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Old 07-11-2013, 08:38 AM   #1 
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Does damage to the tail regenerate?

So long story short, my beautiful Evolve 4 feel apart on the inside.

I had finally ditched the previous plant setup and transplanted those to my 30 gal where they are thriving like crazy (Argentine Swords and Asian Water Fern). I then setup a nice batch of water wysteria in my betta office tank. The wysteria took off like crazy and my betta loved it! He was so happy.

Well, the wysteria grew out of control, so I trimmed it. I guess I trimmed it wrong, because it all fell apart. I tried to save it, but then I had a family emergency that kept me away from the office all week. I would stop bny on the weekend and try to mend it and do a water change. The first weekend I checked, it was almost too late. I did a water change and tried my best.

I ended up having to take his rock out, as it was covered in algae. And I had to remove most of the plants, leaving maybe 2 behind that might have the ability to survive.

I had noticed that his tail looks mangled. pieces missing and all, with no clear reason why. Pretty dramatic too. But he looks healthy otherwise.

I quickly went to a LFS and picked up some stress coat, hoping it would at least help.

The next weekend he was basically left with a empty tank. I started to wonder if perhaps the extreme changes in his environment had caused him too much stress perhaps?

When I was finally able to return to work, I brought some plant trimmings from home. I did a 50% water change and cleaned the crap out of the tank, looks like new. Cleaned up the sand as best possible. Replanted with the new plants and cleaned his rock and put it back in.

Now, the plants and he as still doing great. I know iits not his favorite setup, as there is no more wysteria, but I could not find any decent batches again at the LFS.

Will his tail return to normal? What was the cause? Was it possible he was rubbing against the remaining plants too much (which he liked to hide in the wysteria)? Or perhaps stress and he started tail biting?

I will say, wysteria as nice as it was does have thinker branches that he would like to swim in or rest in. The new plants (I forget their names0 are much more dainty and thinner.
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Old 07-11-2013, 08:41 AM   #2 
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My guess would be since you were away for a while he got lonely/bored and bit his own tail. This is a very common habit for today's bettas who are bred to have heavier finnage than their wild counterparts.

No big deal. You're back on it now. Make sure the water stays clean this time, and together the clean water and heater will rejuvinate the tail. It will come in clear at first then re-color.
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Location: Maine
Yes, he is used to seeing me right at my desk 8 hours a day 5 times a week. I did have a coworker feed him once a day, but that was about the extent of his interaction LOL.

And the tank was probably pretty boring, as he was used to there being plenty of plants and a rock. It took me around 2 hours (while working) to clean the tank to look like new. i removed the remaining rotting plants, managed to save two small stems of wysterua which I am not using as a floating plant. Went through the sand with a straw, pulling out any algae and debris I could. It wasn't like it was horrible, but bad enough. Scrubbed the rock. Took an acrylic safe pad to the inside. Did a 50% water change, trying to get out any floating debris left.

Then replanted with the trimmings from my 30 gal. I wish I could remember the names. I will take a pick soon. I really hope his tail recovers.

Should I add anything else to the water? Only thing I have added was API Stress Coat.
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Old 07-11-2013, 11:13 AM   #4 
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His tail and fins will grow back. I rescued a halfmoon double tail whose tail and fins were nearly gone from fin rot. They have grown back beautifully with just stress coat and clean water.
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