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Help! There was a fight!

I have 2 male bettas (Norman and Rico) in a divided 10 gallon tank. While I was at work tonight I got a call from my daughter saying that Rico had gotten into Normans side of the tank and now Norman is missing part of his fin. The divider is secure so the only thing I can figure is he jumped. I feel just horrible because today I did a water change and must not have put the divider up to the top...

Well I got home and yep Norman has some shredded fins Took a closer look at Rico and he has a tear also. She got them seperated as soon as she saw it, but I don't know what to do now.

Norman ate normally after this, he swims just fine. I added some stress coat when I got home but what else can I do? Aquarium salt? Will his fins grow back? Increase the temp of the tank? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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depending on how bad the tare is he should recover. Somethings really deep big rips don't ever heal fully but will still look nice again.
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I would keep the temp at the regular temp (79 to 81 F). Do extra water changes to keep the water clean. And just monitor them closely.

The extra water changes will keep ammonia and bacterial levels low. This is important, since the presence of these will slow healing and could lead to infections.

I would not add salt or medications yet. Just lots of clean, warm water is often all that's needed. If you see signs of infection, or if they don't start healing soon, let us know.
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Location: Iowa
Thank you so much for your responses. Both boys are acting normal this morning. I will keep their tank temp at it's normal 80 degrees and monitor the ammonia closely. Since I did a 50 percent water change yesterday, is it okay to do another 50 tomorrow? Should I do these every other day till they heal?
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