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Honestly I've never disinfected anything with regards to aquariums. Completely unnecessary in my experience.

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Well I can speak from experience, I once bought some plants from a petshop I do not normally buy from because well they seem to take sucky care of all the fish and animals in the store, I had nto really thought about getting anything other than snails or maybe scuds or some other little pest from plants, well I learned a lesson that day, well a few days later I should say, I only lightly rinsed the plants and put them into 2 of my tanks, 3 days later both tanks had an ich outbreak, the one tank was not such a big deal it housed just one betta, the other was my sorority tank with 14 girls some cories and ottos, now that was a pain to deal with, since then I am far more careful of fish and plants that get added to my tanks, and disinfecting things is really pointless unless you disinfect it properly most harmful bacteria are resistant to most methods and the good bacteria usually is not resistant, so you might kill off the good bacteria that will usually out compete the bad for resources and leave only the bad to to gain a foothold in your tank, some people will agree with this some won't its one of the debated subjects
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How is putting the plants in water without conditioner quarentine them?
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introducing wet plants from another aquarium could introduce Ich to your tank. Ich can be easily introduced to your aquarium from many different sources including the water on your plants or the water from new fish. Ich needs host to survive, so when you quarantine plants in the water for a few weeks it will die since there is no host.

Also i am not sure if plants can carry any other disease . For example if store had them in the tank with a sick fish. I would think that if you using the same plants in your tank ,then your fish will get sick. I am not sure though. But if you ever have this situation i would follow lilnaugrim advice about bleach dip. If she wrote it she probobly did it , you can ask her in that thread .
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Originally Posted by litelboyblu View Post
heres a link to sterilize live plants i would say this also works for decor totally not for fish though i follow her on youtube she's really good with goldfish and betta fish heres the link
Thank you very much for the link, just watched it, and i loved it. I am going to keep it so i can recommend it to other people.
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Just my two cents . . . planaria is no big deal & typically go away relatively quickly. Cut back on feeding, make sure there is no leftover food, clean the substrate well. As for QTing plants, nope I've never done it. I will wash them well in tap water and/or peroxide but that's it. I like having almost a full eco system with some snails & other harmless little creatures that I've discovered in my tanks. I know not everyone is like me though .
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