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Do you think it's okay?

So I've let the 10 gal cycle for a few days, and Orenji seems to be in very good condition. I want to release him into his tank, but I'm missing just a few things.

I need to get more gravel and some silk plants for him to hide in. He does have this really awesome mountain ornament to hid in though, and I was wondering it that would be enough until I can afford to buy the other stuff.

)': I feel bad for leaving him hanging, quite literally. He's in a condo thingie hanging on the side of the tank. He seems quite eager to go play in his soon to be new home.
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of course a cycled tank is always better, but, hed probably be ok to put him in it now.
lots of people keep bettas in tanks too small to cycle. and they change the water 100% a couple times a week.

just make sure you change 2-3 gallons a week until its cycled. and make sure theres no ammonia, if it shows ammonia in a test, change some water
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I agree with Christina just get a good test kit not the strip kind the drop kind like the AGI kit and keep and eye on the Ammonia, Nitrites, and Nitrates. If you know anyone that has an established cycled tank see if they will let you have some filter media, or some of there gravel that would help seed the cycle also.
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