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Originally Posted by Lamb View Post
Pack mentality was just a play on words, you're right they were more like sheep. But for the masses of German Soldiers, Nazis, they shared one immoral vision for the world. I wasn't including every German citizen in that assumption. Only the blatantly Nazi/Arian individuals that seemed to revel in the mass murder/experimentation of what they believed was a "lesser" race. I'm aware that probably not all of the soldiers were pro death, but there were enough to kill millions of living human beings. And watched as these live humans slowly deteriorated from the neglect and hate. To me it seems like it was so long ago, but knowing the WWII vets that I did, it seems surreal but not all at the same time.
I don't believe the masses of German soldiers shared one immoral vision of the world, nor do I believe that the citizens did. Most of them just went along with it because there wasn't much of a choice. To understand why people would "follow" a leader like hitler, you must look at the time between WWI and WWII. The Germans were utterly humiliated and forced to endure ridiculous sanctions, including paying enormous war reparations. Life was AWFUL for them, and out of such terrible circumstances a leader arose that promised to give the people back their pride. Hitler did not get elected on a "kill the Jews" platform. The people were desperate for a strong leader to deliver them from their misery. Things snowballed from there, and the average German found themselves in a place they didn't want to be....but it was too late to do anything about it. Opposition was not well received, to say the least...

more Russians died during WWII than everyone else combined. Stalin killed WAY more people than hitler did.

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Originally Posted by BittyB View Post
They're so different though. It's not like a comparison between animal to animal or comparing two historic events to one another.

And it's easy to say wolves are cool and people like them, but does anyone actually going around saying they LIKE World War II ? LOL I know A LOT about WWII, but I have trouble saying I actually like it without feeling like I'm a horrible person who enjoys suffering.

Some of my family members were in Nazi party and in Hitlers Youth. My grandfather questioned it and helped Jewish friends escape. He was arrested for his transgressions by his own uncle (he was quite high up in rank) and only got out because of his connections within the prison.

Even if you felt it was wrong, many were scared to stand up to droves of men with guns going around. My grandpa ended up as a spy for the US and was cut off from some of the family heavily into Nazi beliefs and kept in touch with some who did not. It seemed some of my grandpas brothers stayed because it was the thing you do, not that they believed Jews were bad people either... they were kinda just stuck.

And some did not know Jews were treated that way...they kinda thought they were moved to live somewhere else, to their own Jew city (which was what they originally did was built walls around the ghettos) , not death camps.
My quote said I DON'T think Germans lost their morals and that there WAS more than one family helping Jews. XD

I agree that most of them didn't know what was going on and just assumed the Jewish people in their towns were moved somewhere else to live, not die. I simply pointed out the fact that most people didn't ask where that place was located or try to visit. They simply continued on with there lives assuming the Jews were continuing their lives somewhere else. Not only do I think that assumption is niether good nor bad, but I would probably jump to the same conclusion if I was a German living in Germany during WW2. While I think your Grandfather is an honorable person for what he did for his Jewish friends, I would not look down on his brothers for inaction.

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