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new here questions before getting betta

I have a 1.5 aquarium. I some things I have read say that you don't need a filter, others say you do. I have a whisper soft filter. Is that a good one? My house is 78 degrees at all times. do I need to get a heater? I know when winter comes I will probubly need to get one but, right now my home is warm. I am not sure if I should get silk plant or real plant for my betta. Any help I could get would be appreciated.
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You do need a filter. I have a 1.5 gallon and if it is a Tetra the filter is nice. Figure the water in the aquarium will be 20 degrees lower than the room temperature. A heater would be nice. You don't need a big one. has a nice small Hydor heater for small tanks and that would be perfect.
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You don't need a filter, but a lot of people still recommend one. The only reason you wouldn't use one in smaller aquariums is if 1) you can't afford a filter/replacement media or 2) the flow from the filter is too strong for the Betta or 3) you simply don't want to mess with one. I'm assuming by "whisper soft filter" that you mean a Tetra 3i Whisper filter. Again, reviews on this filter are mixed. It's OK in my opinion, but nothing special.

If your house really stays at 78 degrees without fluctuating, then you can wait to get a filter. However, you might still get a thermometer to double check that the water is reaching and staying at 78 degrees. One of the benefits of an (adjustable) heater is that it keeps the water temperature stable, which is important for your Betta's health. Even if the water is warm enough, fluctuations that can stress him out. I recommend the Hydor Theo 25w heater which you can order online. It's small and would do perfect in your 1.5 tank.

For real v. fake plants, my advice is to stick with silk plants unless you are interested in learning about taking care of real plants in aquariums. Real plants are great because they will help filter the water of ammonia. However, you have to consider the light on your aquarium, make sure that snails don't hitchhike on the plant if you don't want them in your tank, and if the plant starts to die off then it is decaying in your Betta's water. Some other users here can recommend easy plants to consider if you want to go this route, but it should be personal preference for you.

^The water in the tank is not going to be 20 degrees cooler than room temperature...
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The advise Briz gave was excellent! I just want to add, it is no necessary to filter small tanks (under 5 gallons) When using a filter, it is important to cycle your tank and maintaining a stable cycle in a tank that small can be difficult. I do not cycle my small tanks.

Both silk and live plants are good, but if you are new to fishkeeping I would start with silk.

If your house is staying fairly warm, you may not need a heater right now. I know I haven't been using mine lately. I would recommend getting a thermometer though. When the times comes that you do need a heater, I recommend Elite 25 watt heaters.

Welcome to the forum
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