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Farming Brine Shrimp

I'm very interested in feeding my fish live foods everyday, along with Omega Buffet Pellets.

I've already starting to "farm" bloodworms.
However, I think I would like to do the same with Brine Shrimp.

How do I go about this?
What is everything I need?
How do I keep the population under control? (I only have 2 bettas, but will have 7)
What are your experiences with this?
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Sena Hansler
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There are special brine shrimp set ups... But I just use a tall container or pop bottle, an external air pump (tetra whisper 10 is nice and quiet!!), air tubing, an adjustable valve, marine salt (aquarium salt works too but you need to use more than you would with marine salt), and you can either get a brine shrimp strainer (sooo handy) or use coffee filters.

I've hatched them for fry, and have gotten large adult ones in a couple days after if I did not toss away the batch (as after 24 hours the baby brine shrimp lose nutrition for the fry). The adults love to chase them!! I believe there is brine shrimp food, best found in aquarium stores or maybe even pet stores (otherwise online, like Ebay. Unsure about breeding them, but with hatching them when you have the "salt to water ratio down (I found what works for me... but it differs) you can make nice large batches. Keeping them in their brackish water, they'll live longer.... So don't move them into fresh water until they are to be fed.
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