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Newbie with questions

Hi all. I currently have 2 bettas in a divided 4 gallon tank (listened to the petstore workers). I am planning on upgrading the tank to this one:
I am going to purchase a 10 gallon divider as well.

1) What size heater do I need for this divided tank?

2) How do I go about putting the fish into the new tank? Do I have to let it sit for a certain amount of time after starting it up before putting the fish in?

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A 50watt heater for a 10 gallon is ideal.
As far as buying a brand new tank, I would let it run for a good 24 hours before putting the fish in. Be sure to acclimate them to the water.
Some people cycle their tanks, but that would be a personal choice you'd have to make for yourself.
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All tropical fish will remain healthier in cycled,filtered,heated tanks. Once the tank has cycled, then one small weekly water change is all thats needed along with removing poop with the gravel vaccum.
While the tank is cycling ,continue with water changes in the fishes present tank or tanks,bowls,etc. Cycling the new tank is as easy as placing one uncooked raw shrimp in a section of nylon with a small rock to hold it down. Leave it for three weeks minimum. Check the water with test kit after three weeks for nitrates or have the water tested at fish store for nitrates. Once nitrates appear,and ammonia and nitrites are zero, perform 60 percent water change using dechlorinator for new water and you can add the fish. Tank will remain much more stable and as stated ,water changes of once each week along with not overfeeding will provide your fish and you with years of happiness as opposed to weeks or months.
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