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A couple of questions


I am planning on breeding in about a week, and I still have a couple of questions.
I've never used a filter with my babies, but I do have a corner filter and was wondering how to set it up properly for the baby tank. What should I put in it, and when should I turn it on after they spawn? Also about how strong?

And I was wondering if other people on here have used boiled egg yolk as a fry food and how it worked for them. I am planning on using that and BBS since that's all I have. Will this work ok?
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Hi, I would suggest you invest in a sponge filter unless you want your fry sucked up in it.Also I tried boiled eggs and all they did was cloud my water completly and had to do a complete water change and that is very risky. I would stick to bbs and thats all. Ive noticed with mine they wont eat anything unless its moving. They aren't all that great but I have posted a few pics. of mine. they have super fat tummies though. So far everything is going really great and haven't lost any. There are two clutches in there, 2 weeks and 4 weeks and growing like weeds. When they hatch they are about as big as a grain of salt and now after just 2 weeks my one clutch are as big as guppy fry. I read if you put your temp on 86 to 90 they grow very fast, maybe thats why they are so big. sorry about my book writing I was just trying to be helpful.well heres a pic of one of my first clutch that is 4 weeks.

this two pics of the second clutch at 2 weeks

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thanks for the advice! I am thinking about just using no filter at all and doing plenty of water changes. where could I get a sponge filter?

I have heard that you can mush the egg yolk up in water, and then just putting a couple of drops of that in the fry tank so as not to cloud the water. I guess the quantity is key.But as you said, yours did not eat unless it was moving.

Thanks for sharing your experiences, it's very helpful to hear what has worked for other people as I decide how I want to do this.
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Live food is the best way to go.
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