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Betta Adventures
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Imbellis breeding

Curious if anyone has every noticed this. My imbellis spawned yesterday and I walked downstairs to check on them. I noticed they were done spawning but I also saw that the female would watch the male bubblenest and tend to the eggs. No fighting occurred so I decided to watch for a moment or... an hour.

He would tend to his eggs and she would watch outside of the bubblenest. If she got under the nest he would flare at her and she would dance (tail beating, boddy wiggling) and once she was no longer under the nest he would leave her alone and go back to the eggs.
What was interesting to me was that she looked like she was trying to get to the eggs. Was she trying to eat them?
Later, she made a nest of her own and whatever eggs he didnt catch as they fell she would take and put them in her nest.
Spawning imbellis is a lot different than splendens. Do all imbellis do this?
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Reference Team
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I've found with wild bettas of any kind, it varies wildly as to how the female will behave and react to the fry.

Some females are very involved in the spawning and fry rearing process as you have seen. One of my females I sold used to abduct fry/eggs from the main nest and add them to her own. A lot of my females will guard the male and nest from other fish in the neighbouring tanks so they patrol a lot while the male is busy.

Other females will completely ignore the eggs/fry/male all together, while others will predate any fry that hatch or eat eggs if they can get near the nest.
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