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Introducing Myself

Hello everyone, I thought I would introduce myself in this section before I go posting elsewhere.
I've been actively keeping and raising betta splendens for a little over 9 years now and have 3 small spawns under my belt in this time. I started back in the day with an amazing deep blue veiltail named Blue (inventive I know) who was a gift from a friend, then 2 years later I got Red who was a red veiltail (more originality ). I'm assuming both came from WalMart originally, but I am proud to say that Blue lived to somewhere over 6 years old before naturally passing on and Red made it to 4 years before he went soon after. I took about a one year break and got a Petsmart betta which died after about a week home and broke my heart.
Now I am newly married and I had mentioned how much I loved my bettas to my husband while browsing the pet stores one day, needless to say he was bitten by the bug as soon as I showed him the betta section of the local Petco and we took home two of our new "kids" that day along with all the new gear they needed. Since then it seems as if we cannot go to any pet store without rescuing/adopting a new betta. We now have 7 bettas because of our inability to leave them behind.
Rory is a dark blue veiltail/spadetail male who may or may not be a very long tailed female but my husband refuses to believe his first pick is anything but a manly little boy, despite the ovipositor and the lack of any bubblenesting and the extra micrograms around the middle if he gets treats too often in a couple weeks.
Amelia is a sort of wild colored crowntail female who came home the same time as Rory, she is definitely the most feisty and bossy of the kids. She frequently has to do face only shots for the camera.
Mickey came home next, he is a beautiful turquoise halfmoon who could possibly be elephant ear also. He's a bit lazy and very picky on where he lives, if he can't see another fish (particularly one of the girls) he tailbites a little.
Clara was our next little female, she is a dark blue bodied with red fins crowntail, she is very sassy and brave when its feeding time. I don't think she is fully mature yet as she is still on the small side.
Wilfred is our big boy, he is an elephant ear halfmoon plakat. He has a pink body with a red face and some red on his tail which then turns into a shimmery opal color that matches his pectorals.
Rose is the baby because she is so small, she might also be my baby because I think she is absolutely adorable. I would guess that she is still juvenile. She is a pretty white bodied crowntail female with cute little red cheeks and all red fins. She knows how to crowd please too.
C. Jack H. is the latest kid to guilt trip us into taking him home. He was a sad little red/white/purple/blue marble veiltail laying in the cup and as soon as my husband saw him (he admittedly has a weakness for veiltails and rescues) it was decided we could NOT leave the store without him. As soon as we got him home and in some clean roomy water the little punk perked right up and even had the nerve to nip me while I was putting in his plants.
So those are the kids! See you all around on the forums.
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Welcome to the forum! Your bettas sound amazing! I'd love to see pictures of them if you ever get the chance to post some!
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Hello and welcome to the forum.
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Hello and welcome to the forum

Looking forward to pics of the kids. And kudos to hubby for joining in on the addiction
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Thank you! I am hoping to post some pictures as soon as I figure out how to get them from a Windows phone, new tech is confusing. My actual camera is so old that its not worth trying to get them to be still for a second.
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