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Female bettas?

I currently have 3 female betta's in a 55 gallon tank, filtered and heated. There are also 7 swordtails in there with them. They all get along wonderfully. I was thinking of selling all my swords and picking up some more female bettas. My question is:
How many Bettas can I have in the 55 gallon and is it ok to mix the different kinds together?

I've only delt with the veil tail bettas (which are the ones currently in my tank). I do plan on getting at least one more female betta sometime in the next few days to make it an even four and a few more eventually.
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You can actually have quite a few female Bettas in the 55 gallon tank. They say that in community tanks, you have have one gallon per fish (or you can have one gallon per in. Bettas are usually around 2-2.5 in fully grown)

Different tail types should be fine, but there are some tail types that are more aggressive then others. I know CTs are usually more aggressive, keep this in mind when choosing Bettas.
I've read that their colors can make a difference to, and I've read that colors didn't matter. Usually the brighter colors are more aggressive and dominant while the dull/lighter colors are not.

I hope that helps and I hope more people (especially those with established sororities) can put there thoughts in as well!
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since you have everyone established right now and are wanting to add some girls- i'd say be prepared for a trouble maker who may have to be housed separately or returned. if you end up with a particularly aggressive one she may need the tank divided or to be in a smaller one on her own. otherwise she might get everyone else on edge. make sure you have lots of good hiding places for them too.
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