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Tail Biting Tank Photo Request

I am interested in seeing the tanks of Bettas that are tail biters. I need a full front view that shows the whole tank. It doesn't really matter if the Betta shows up or not; I'm more interested in how the tanks are decorated.

I was thinking if there was a commonality, maybe that would be one step in helping Bettas with this frustrating problem.

Thanks to anyone who helps me. The more tanks pictured the better.
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Sena Hansler
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Wish I had a picture... Oh wait I do. But either the site has a brainfart with all my older photos or the photos are wacked because of IHAVENOIDEAWHY. ;(

Anyways... Veiltail male. 10 gallon tank, fabric plants, no substrate. Filtered and heated, he also had a little cave to chill in (which he did use). I used lights for 10-12 hours, the other 12 (night) they were off. He began tail biting... I tried to rearrange décor, add new stuff, take away certain stuff... No. It got WORSE. Almost NO tail left.

To avoid infections, and to keep an eye on him, I stuck him in a heated 1 gallon with sand substrate and one silk plant (also had a light ontop). Guess who stopped tail biting? -facepalm- Meant more water changes for me.

Another one hated isolation. He was my bedroom betta. Chewed up his pretty yellow fins. I moved him upstairs in a high traffic area (area between living room and kitchen) and he stopped chewing his fins.

All in all I try the following for biters:

- remove from divided tanks.
- different sized tanks (bigger or smaller)
- change the external environment (bedroom VS kitchen VS living room)
- change or remove ornaments
- rearrange ornaments
- up water changes
- change water change routine (leaving in the tank VS removing)
- remove/baffle/add filter
- add/remove/change substrate
- put IN a divided tank (I had one tail bite when he was no longer in a divided tank)
- see if blackwater extract/IAL helped.
- remove or put into a community tank.
- cram the tank full of live, fabric, silk plants... (never know, they could be bored!)
- exercise more often with mirrors...

The list can be endless
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This is old, and the betta is deceased, but this was Zen's 5.5 gallon tank. It was filtered and heated with a pagoda, bridge, and several silk plants.

This is the tank before he was in it. (and before the heater was added)

ETA: This tank now belongs to my HMPK, Hiei. He has lived in it for many months and never had a single problem, although I'm not sure it's possible for plakats to tailbite. Just thought I'd throw that out there, though.
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