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How can I make my fish happy?

So my betta use to swim around the whole bowl, follow my finger, and a that stuff. I put a bottom feeder in it for a day and took it out and now he seems sad. He just sits at the top and floats now. I don't think he's sick or anything.
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Your tank was really bare in the picture I saw. Getting him a silk plant and a hiding place that isn't clear will make him feel safe and give him stuff to investigate. I don't remember if you had a heater or not and his water being to cold could be a reason go his inactivity too.
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If you don't have any plants or hiding places i would highly recommend that Betta's will get stressed out in open water space and need stuff to hide in. If you don't have a heater get that too because if the water is to cold your batta will be more "lazy" Basically all the stuff lizbeth said. Also how big is your tank? i wouldn't put another fish with him unless it is 10 gals or more. Maybe a 5 gal depending what kind of fish and how big it grows up to but you could only add one thing in a 5 gal. If it is fish that needs to be in a school i would just get a 10gal. Right now petco is having a $1 pure gallon sell so i would say just get a 10gal. Then buy a heater, hood and light and some plants and hiding places.
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Hello Richmondc have you checked out our sticky on the proper care of Bettas ?

Here is the link for you that should help answer some of your questions. If you need anymore help with your Betta and how to make him happy be sure and ask and get some good advice from the members but I do believe reading this sticky will help you understand how to help make and keep your Betta happy by giving him the proper care he needs. Best of luck and keep us updated on how your Betta is doing.
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