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Fin rot treatment?

I woke up this morning shocked to find Colt's fins in shreds! He was fine last night! Just that weird white spot on his bottom (see previous post). So upset....

Quick stats: Have had Colt, a male red veil-tale, for about a month. He's been doing GREAT, very active, eats like crazy. I think he had some fin rot when I got him, but it had not progressed and I wasn't too worried. He lives in a 5 gallon tank with a filter and a heater, temp is 78 degrees, parameters are fine. Eats flakes and occasionally some blood worms.

I gave him a salt bath following the directions on here about two hours ago. Poor guy was really stressed by me trying to catch him and then by the bath; he got very pale and hid for about half an hour. But now he is bright again and swimming around, even flaring at the thermometer, one of his favorite past-times.

I stopped by Petsmart and bought some Mardel Maracyn Two. I am not sure how to administer it, though; the directions are rather vague. All I have is my 5 gallon tank and a one gallon bowl (just my kitchen mixing bowl, cleaned out well); is it ok to give him the medicine in his normal tank? I'd hate to keep him in a mixing bowl for 5 days. And is it ok if the meds are not given at the same time each day? I'm going out of town tomorrow for several days; a friend of mine is coming to take care of my dog on Sunday evening and I can have her put some powder in there. Or should I just wait until i get back on Tuesday and do it all myself?

Please help, he's such a vibrant little fishy, I'd hate to see him lose this battle!
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Hm, I have used Jungle Fungus Clear (found at Walmart) and salt baths successfully to treat fin rot.
I have not used Maracyn Two before so I don't know about that.
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Here is the dosage for Maracyn 2. For one round dissolve 1 tablet into 10 teaspoons of water. For first day, add 2 teaspoons of concentrated mixture per 1 gallon of water.For days 2-5 add 1 teaspoon of concentrate per 1 gallon of water. Hope this helps.
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i actually treated my fish for fin rot by myself. I did frequent water changes and the tail came back. :)
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You can administer it in his normal tank. Probably for the best, because moving him could stress him out.

Fin rot needs to be treated as soon as it's noticed, so I would go ahead and start the treatment. As long as your friend will be coming by daily to add each dose, it's fine to start the treatment now.
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